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Craig Ancrum

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Craig Ancrum

About Craig Ancrum

Craig is a senior lecturer in Criminology and has been at Teesside since 2004. Craig’s research interests include illegal drug use and drugs markets, organised crime at a local level and ethnographic methods. He is co- author of ‘Criminal Identities and Consumer Culture’ and is involved in on-going ethnographic studies in his native Tyneside.  Craig has also published on the use of biographical methods in teaching in higher education.  His latest published work is on the motivations and practices of illegal cannabis growers. 

Research interests and activities

Craig’s background provides him with unique access to a range of individuals who are actively involved in criminal activity of various kinds.  He is currently involved in research into the practices, culture and hidden economy of cannabis growing. He is also researching the process of’ taxing’ within criminal market places and the normalisation of illegal drug use.  

Learning and teaching interests

Currently teaching the module 'understanding drugs and society' at both level four and five as well as running the first year Criminological theory module 'crime and society'

In the news

  • Cocaine is the hidden mixer in Newcastle's economy
    Vice Magazine UK, US, online, 20/03/2018
    Craig Ancrum, senior lecturer in criminology, comments on the rise of Newcastle's 'cocaine entrepreneurs'.

  • Free the weed, but growing an effective market would be tough
    The Conversation, 3/12/2013
    Teesside University academic Craig Ancrum, a senior lecturer in criminology, comments on the debate surrounding changes in the laws on the use and sale of cannabis, with some nations decriminalising u