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Dr Georgios Papanicolaou

Georgios Papanicolaou

About Georgios Papanicolaou

Dr. Georgios Papanicolaou is Reader in Criminology at Teesside University UK. He has studied law and penal sciences at the University of Athens, Greece and criminology and criminal justice at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Georgios has worked at Teesside since 2008 and has been actively involved in research and teaching since.

Research interests and activities

Georgios's research has developed around the following themes:

  • The political economy of policing and security; the historical development, organisation and functions of the police in national and transnational context. 

  • The political economy of organised crime, studied in the context of various illegal markets, and particularly in the context illegal migration, human smuggling and trafficking.

  • Policing, democracy and strategies for innovation and reform.

Research projects & external funding

British Academy Small Project grant ‘Colonial state,society and the underground economy in Italian Rhodes 1912–1943’ – Grant holder and Primary Investigator.  Ref: SG132031, 2014-2016.

PhD and research opportunities

Georgios would welcome applications from potential Ph.D candidates aiming to conduct theoretical and empirical research relating to his research interests.

External roles and professional activities

  • Member of the Board of the Greek Society for the Study of Crime and Social Control
  • Member of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control, British Society of Criminology, Hellenic Society of Criminology, International Association for the Study of Organised Crime
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Trends in Organised Crime


Papanicolaou, G. & Espinoza, F. (2017). A virtuous circle of illicit markets? Smuggling and colonial state building in the Italian interwar Dodecanese. In P.C. van Duyne, J. Harvey, G. A. Antonopoulos and K. von Lampe (Eds.), The many faces of crime for profit and ways of tackling it (pp. 379–401). Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers.

Papanicolaou, G. and Rigakos, G.S (2014). Democratising the police in Europe: with a particular emphasis on Greece. Vienna: Transform! Europe.

Antonopoulos, G. A. & Papanicolaou, G (2014). Unlicensed capitalism, greek style: illegal markets and 'organised crime' in Greece. Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers.

Papanicolaou, G. (2011). Transnational policing and sex trafficking in southeast Europe: policing the imperialist chain. Basingstoke: Palsgrave Macmillan.

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