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Gok Kandasamy

Gok Kandasamy

About Gok Kandasamy

Gok Kandasamy has over 15 years of experience in higher education, held a number of responsibilities which include: Clinical Consultancy, developing an international partnership, teaching and leading at BSc and MSc Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy Programmes. 

Gok is a registered physiotherapist graduated from Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, India, with a first class honours degree in Physiotherapy. He went on to complete an MSc in Sports Physiotherapy in 2002 from Hamdard University, New Delhi, India and MSc in Sports Biomechanics in 2006 from John Moores University, Liverpool.

Before coming to Teesside, Gok worked as a Senior Lecturer in India for five years, delivering modules in a physiotherapy programme and as a course leader for MSc Sports Physiotherapy programme. He also worked as a Sports Physiotherapist for many ITF tennis tournaments in India.

Gok is an external examiner and has undertaken external consultancy work on curriculum design as well as the staff development activities. Gok is a University Teaching Fellow and Senior Fellow of HEA.

Currently, Gok is pursuing his PhD (part-time) on ‘Development and evaluation of low-cost 3D imaging, mobile, surface topography APP for measuring 3D back shape in a clinical setting'.

Research interests and activities

Gok’s primary research interest include: 
• prevention of overuse lower limb injuries in sports,   
• biomechanical analysis (Kinetic link) of the lower limb in sports
• a relationship between foot type and overuse injuries in sports
• Biomechanical analysis of spinal mobilisation.

PhD and research opportunities

Currently, Gok is pursuing his PhD (part-time) on ‘Development and evaluation of low-cost 3D imaging, mobile, surface topography APP for measuring 3D back shape in a clinical setting'.

External roles and professional activities

Currently external examiner for 

University of Gloucester (MSc Sports Therapy)
University of Chichester (BSc Sports Therapy)
University of Kent (BSc Sports Therapy)

Learning and teaching interests

As a module leader for Level 6 and Level 7 modules, I was involved in motivating students, creating an environment conducive to learning, knowledge that will help them be successful in achieving their goals, materials, opportunities, and feedback that will help them learn, and , in becoming and remaining motivated to be successful both in their studies and in applying their knowledge to solve problems in the clinical environment.  Key pedagogical methods followed in my modules are problem-based learning, peer-based learning and work-based learning.

Current research interests in learning and teaching include,
Work/Practice-based learning pedagogy;

·         Leadership via academic mentoring;

·         Evaluating the effectiveness of technology-enabled learning (m-learning)

·         Graduate profiles

·    Gamification


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Conference Papers:



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