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Dr Nicolas Berger

Nicolas Berger

About Nicolas Berger

Dr Nicolas Berger is a Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology. After completing a BSc in Sport Science at the University of Brighton, he went on to an MSc in Exercise Physiology at the Manchester Metropolitan University, where he also completed 2 years of his PhD. He then transferred to the University of Exeter where he completed his PhD entitled ‘The Effects of Fitness and Training on VO2 Kinetics’.

Nicolas’ main research interests lie in the determinants of endurance exercise performance, and he has a growing list of publications in the area. He’s published in esteemed international peer reviewed science journals, such as the ‘Journal of Physiology’, ‘Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise’, and the ‘Journal of Applied Physiology’. As an active cyclist, he has a strong interest in this growing sport, and has worked with numerous athletes, ranging from cycling to boxing, kayaking, rowing, swimming, athletics, and triathlon to name a few. Nicolas has supported some unusual events, such as the World record for a 7-day continuous run on a treadmill set by Sharon Gayter, as well as ascents to various mountains, and challenges set in extreme climates. He has a broad range of sporting and scientific interests, and his main focus is on elite sports performance, training adaptations, recovery, environmental physiology, nutrition and ergogenic aids.

Research interests and activities

Nicolas’ research interests are varied and include analysing the power output of cyclists in training and competition, and how it can be optimized. He is also investigating what effects nutritional supplements, such as beetroot juice or sodium bicarbonate, have on exercise performance and recovery. He is working with local athletes and cycling clubs, is keen to collaborate with others interested in the areas endurance, ultra-endurance, and extreme events. 

He is interested in supervising PhDs in the areas of elite sports performance, endurance exercise, improvements and limitations to performance and training, sports nutrition, environmental physiology, and oxygen uptake.

Nicolas has supervised 2 PhDs in the past and is currently working with a number of Postgraduate students. Having recently completed his Research Supervisory training, he is keen to be Director of Study for full-time or part-time PhDs. He teaches exercise physiology for undergraduates and postgraduates alike.


Selected publications

Berger NJ, Tolfrey K, Williams AG, and Jones AM. (2006) Influence of continuous and interval training on oxygen uptake on-kinetics. Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise, 38: 504-512

Berger NJA, Mc Naughton LR, Keatley S, Wilkerson DP, and Jones AM. (2006) Sodium bicarbonate ingestion alters the slow but not the fast phase of  kinetics.  Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38: 1909-1917

Jones, A.M., Wilkerson, D.P., Berger, N.J.A., and Fulford, J. (2007).  Influence of endurance training on muscle [PCr] kinetics during high-intensity exercise.  American Journal of Physiology, Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, 293: R392-R401

Andrew M. Jones, Peter Krustrup, Daryl P. Wilkerson, Nicolas J. Berger, José A. Calbet, Jens Bangsbo (2012). Influence of exercise intensity on skeletal muscle blood flow, O2 extraction and O2 uptake on-kinetics. The Journal of Physiology. Volume 590, Issue 17, pages 4363–4376

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