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Dr Justin Kotze

Senior Lecturer in Criminology & Criminal Justice

Justin Kotze

About Justin Kotze

Dr Justin Kotzé joined Teesside University in 2017 as a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Prior to this he taught as a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Northampton. Justin studied Criminology here at Teesside University, obtaining a First Class Honours (BSc Hons) degree and a Masters (MSc) with Distinction before going on to complete a PhD. He was awarded his doctorate in 2016 which focused on exploring and analysing the purported ‘crime decline’ as well as both change and continuity in crime and harm.

Justin maintains an interest in the evolution/obsolescence of criminal markets. He is also interested in advanced criminological theory; consumer culture and the development of harmful subjectivities; the commodification of acts of ‘resistance’; deviant leisure, critical criminology and social harm. Justin is currently involved in a number of projects including a research monograph (Routledge 2019) and an edited collection (Palgrave 2017).

Research interests and activities

Justin’s research interests are wide-ranging and include: emerging criminal markets; the mutation and obsolescence of crime forms; counterfeits; advanced criminological theory; deviant leisure; the commodification of acts of ‘resistance’; consumer culture and the creation of harmful subjectivities; capitalism and inequality; hidden crime; the intersectionality of crime and social harm. He has previously published work in the fields of ex-prisoner reintegration, and the historical sublimation of violence. Some of his forthcoming work is concerned with exploring the purported ‘crime decline’ as well as change and continuity in crime and harm; and with exploring the intersectionality of crime and harm and the interconnections between criminology and zemiology.

PhD and research opportunities

Justin welcomes research collaboration and applications for PhDs across any areas of his research.

External roles and professional activities

Justin is an Academic Reviewer for Trends in Organised Crime; and is also an Editorial Advisory Board Member for the International Journal of Community Chaplaincy.

External research collaborations

Justin is currently working with Dr Avi Boukli from the Open University on an edited collection entitled Zemiology: Reconnecting Crime and Social Harm (Palgrave 2017). The project pulls together emerging and experienced authors from across disciplines to explore the connections between crime and harm and between criminology and zemiology.

Learning and teaching interests

Dr Kotzé currently teaches across a number of modules including:

·        Study Skills for Social Scientists

·        Research Skills for Social Scientists

·        Criminal Justice

·        Advanced Criminological Theory 


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