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Ryan Kenny

About Ryan Kenny

Ryan undertook a BSc and MSc in Sports Science, both at Teesside University. On completion he sought out volunteer work at the university, which gave him experience of lecturing and being a technician in the sports labs. Ryan has always had a passion for sport and health, specifically he focused on motor learning/control at university. Ryan has been fascinated by the way we learn and control our movements. He has been involved in sports for many years, mainly martial arts, rugby and football. After conducting some research with the SSSBL Ryan is now completing his PhD, where he is applying his motor control background to studying health, specifically the effect of textured insoles on postural control.

Research interests and activities

Research interests (in brief)

Ryan has a keen interest in the areas of motor control, visual search strategies, EEG studies, and motor learning, within sports and health.

Current Projects

Ryan’s PhD is currently trying to establish the mechanisms that are affected by textured insoles, using EEG.

Motor learning through the use of action observation combined with motor imagery of a novel skill.