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Darren Johnson

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Darren Johnson

About Darren Johnson

Darren is a Chartered Psychologist and Scientist with the British Psychological Society (BPS), Registered as a Forensic Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), an Associate Fellow of the BPS, and he holds a European standard qualification in psychology. Darren has had extensive experience working with offenders in a range of settings, predominately the Prison Service. In particular, he has provided forensic assessment, treatment and therapy to a wide range of forensic clients (adult and young males and females, sexual and aggressive offenders and offenders diagnosed with Personality Disorders, Learning Disability and Mental Health diagnoses). He has experience of providing consultancy to other professionals, developing policies and strategies, and designing and delivering training.

His most recent academic post as Senior Lecturer at Teesside University commenced in December 2012 in which he teaches Forensic Psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level with a clear enthusiasm on linking theory with practice. Currently he is module leader for ‘Theoretical Approaches to Forensic Psychology’ and ‘Assessment and Interventions in Forensic Practice’. He is also the programme leader for the BSc (hons) degree in Forensic Psychology and the Professional Doctorate in Psychology.  Alongside his academic work, Darren provides expert psychological services as an Independent Forensic Psychologist (assessment, treatment, consultation services within the forensic field and supervision of trainee psychologists).

Research interests and activities

Research interests

Darren’s areas of specialist knowledge and research interests include:

· Implementation, delivery and evaluation of offending behaviour treatment and interventions.
· Sexual and aggressive offending behaviour
· Personality disordered and psychopathic offenders
· Co-morbidity within offender populations
· Risk assessment and psychometric development
· Professional practices and wellbeing



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Bennet, A., Johnson, D., & Hunter, M. (under review). Co-morbidity between Clinical Disorders and Psychopathy within High-Risk Personality Disordered Prisoners. Article submitted to the Journal of Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health.

Britton, P., Becker, S., & Johnson, D. (under review). Mapping the challenges in making the transition to taught Postgraduate Study. Article submitted to the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice.

Falcus, C., & Johnson, D. (under review) The violent accounts of men diagnosed with co -morbid anti - social and borderline personality disorders. Article submitted to the Journal of Personality and Mental Health