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Dr Lis Hammond

Lis Hammond

About Lis Hammond

I came to the North East in 2002 from my homeland Denmark (via Belgium, where I lived for a while) to study Psychology. I graduated from the University of Durham with a BSc (Hons.) and worked as an Assistant Psychologist in research and later several years in brain injury rehabilitation. It was the latter work, which spurred my interest in psychosocial adjustment to chronic conditions.

In 2010 I graduated from Teesside University's Doctorate in Counselling Psychology Programme. My Advanced Independent Work was a Grounded Theory study into adjustment to living with Type 2 diabetes and I proposed a process model of adjustment to chronic conditions. After my Viva I attended the Division of Counselling Psychologists Annual Conference in Glasgow, where I won an award for best research poster.

Shortly before graduating from the Doctorate I started working as a Specialist Psychologist in Pain Management at University Hospital of North Durham (County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust). Apart from the core clinical work within a multidisciplinary team I was involved in the development of an innovative, experiential group intervention for people living with chronic pain. It was intended as a behavioural pain management programme for people, who for various reasons might find it difficult to benefit from a standard educational programme.

For a period I was also R&D/Clinical Governance lead and supervised colleagues doing service evaluations and audits.
In my current role as Senior Lecturer on the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology I am module leader of Concepts in Counselling Psychology (1st years) and Professional Roles and Relationships (3rd years). I supervise Doctoral research on both the Counselling Psychology course and on the Professional Doctorate in Psychology (a top-up Doctorate course for professional Psychologists).

Organisationally, I am Chair of the Counselling Psychology Forum North East (CoPFNE), a regional group of the Division of Counselling Psychology.

I am British Psychological Society (BPS) representative on the NHS England Specialised Pain Clinical Reference Group, a national level expert advisory group.

Research interests and activities

I have always been interested in the links between physiological and psychological function, including psychoneuroimmunology.

As mentioned above, my main area of research is into psychosocial adjustment to living with chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes and chronic pain) and I have a particular interest in the role of attachment and stress in this context.

Current research includes analysis of qualitative data from a previous study, using framework analysis. The aim is to map the data onto the Integrative Model of Adjustment to Chronic Conditions (IMACC) - please see publications below.

I am associate member of FUSE The Centre for Translational Research in Public Health.


Some items published under my maiden name; Larsen

Thompson, N.J., Corbett, S.C., Chiappa, C., Larsen, L.D. & Welfare, M. (2007) Tensions between service delivery and learning needs: How achieving government health targets impacts junior doctor training. Association for the Study of Medical Education: Monograph on the Foundation Programme, 42-44.

Thompson, N., Corbett, S., Larsen, L., Welfare, M., & Chiappa, C. (2009). Contemporary experience of stress in UK Foundation level doctors. The Clinical Teacher, 6, p83-86.

Hammond, L.D. & Hirst-Winthrop, S. (2016). Proposal of an Integrative Model of Adjustment to Chronic Conditions: An understanding of the process of psychosocial adjustment to living with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Health Psychology, DOI: 10.1177/1359105316664131.
Conference papers:

M Welfare, C Stensen, L D Larsen, S Corbett, C Doig, I Neilly, and S Russell (2005). All Ch@nge: how one Trust resolved the conflicting demands of policy initiatives in introducing a full pilot Foundation Program. Association for the Study of Medical Education Annual Scientific Meeting 2005, The Medical School, University of Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 11-13 July 2005.

Hammond, L.D., Davis, M. & Armitage, L. (2015). Exploration of potential for clinical application of the Integrative Model of Adjustment to Chronic Conditions (IMACC) to the area of chronic pain. Division of Counselling Psychology Annual Conference 2015, The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, 10-11 July 2015.

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