Chris Newlove

Chris Newlove excelled at Teesside and is looking forward to a thriving career.

BSc (Hons) Sociology

'There’s so much going on'

Chris Newlove

What drew you to study sociology at Teesside?

I came to an open day here and that made my mind up. I was impressed by the staff I met. I was also attracted by the idea that, as well as people my own age from similar backgrounds, I would meet mature students, people from overseas – a real social mix.

What’s been the best part of your course?

I’ve really enjoyed a second year module on Power, Culture and Globalisation. It’s an important topical issue and I’m glad I’ve had a chance to learn – and think – more about it.

How do you rate the social life here?

It’s fantastic – There’s so much going on at the Students’ Union and I’ve also seen some great comedians at Middlesbrough Town Hall. I’m a member of Student Respect, where we have debates about political issues and organise campaigns.

And what’s next for you?

I’m considering a master’s in sociology or possibly history. And after that, perhaps an academic career or working in the voluntary sector. A representative from a homeless charity in Darlington came to speak to sociology students and their work seemed interesting.