Julie McCarthy

Julie McCarthy is sure her qualifications and work experience will allow her to embark on a successful career working with young people.

MSc (Hons) Youth Work

'Staff always had time for me'

Julie McCarthy

What made you choose youth studies at Teesside?

Youth studies is a mixture of interesting academic subjects such as sociology and
psychology and I thought that the course would lead to a challenging and rewarding

I knew from personal experience that I was interested in working with young people and I was impressed by the research that teaching staff had undertaken.

What’s been the best part of the course?

The way it all fitted together. It was both wide-ranging and focused – it linked up the relevant aspects of different academic subjects in a way that made sense. I enjoyed it and had great support from the staff, who always had time for me.

And what about the social life?

I enjoyed meeting people from different backgrounds. One of my best friends on the degree was from Slovakia.

What does the future hold for you?

When I get my MSc, I’ll apply for a full-time job as a youth worker and I think I’ll be well placed to get a job with the qualifications and work experience I will have gained.