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Dr Maryam Shadman-Pajouh

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Maryam Shadman-Pajouh

About Maryam Shadman-Pajouh

Dr Shadman-Pajouh joined Teesside University in September 2008 as a part-time Lecturer in International Management whilst pursuing her PhD in Management. In 2013 she was appointed to the full-time position of Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management (HRM). She completed her PhD at Teesside University on “The Challenges of Importing Knowledge from Other Cultures: A Case Study of an Iranian Hotel Chain” 2015. Her project studied one of the largest corporations in the tourism sector in Iran, which examined the challenges the corporation faced in the areas of absorptive capacity and knowledge transfer in relation to training and innovation advancement. She studied the corporate from 2005 until 2012, using ethnography and held over 200 in depth interviews with staff and senior management. Her work is considered pioneering in the area of the impact of culture on HRM.   

She received a BA (Hons) in Accounting from Karaj Azad University in Iran, a Masters in International Business from Hull University and a Masters in Research in Business and Management also from Hull University.

Dr Shadman-Pajouh was a practicing accountant in Iran, and was a Financial Manager for Raymend & Co until 2003, before leaving for the United Kingdom to pursue her further education. She worked as a gaming and non-gaming supervisor for the Rank Group until 2010 and also Durham University as a Persian cataloguist in charge of Professor Ann Lambton’s collection from 2010.

Research interests and activities

Her area of research is diverse, and includes HRM in the Middle East, Gender and Tourism, International Management, Cross Cultural Management, Language and Translation and its effect on organisation in the global context.
She has a strong interest in culture and its effect on knowledge transfer and absorptive capacity within organisations, and language as part of culture and its influence in relation to international management. In recent years her main area of study was the Middle East especially Iran.  She is interested in supervising PhD students in the area of international management, gender and tourism, HRM and culture. 

Dr. Shadman-Pajouh is currently heading a multidisciplinary research group that is focussing on home grown extremism/ radicalisation with a special focus on the use of HRM and knowledge transfer concepts in identifying and addressing radicalisation within organisations.

She welcomes research collaboration in the area of culture and religion in relation to international management and HRM, absorptive capacity and knowledge transfer, gender and tourism, and language and translation in the international setting. She is also interested in collaborative work on radicalisation and extremism.

Enterprise interest and activities

Dr Shadman-Pajouh is interested in collaborating with partners in the public, private sectors and welcomes enquiries for contract research and consultancy as well as enterprise and workforce development projects in the area of knowledge transfer, organisational behaviour, cross cultural management, and extremism in the work place.


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Conference papers:
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