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Dr Xiaoxian Zhu

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Development

Xiaoxian Zhu

About Xiaoxian Zhu

Dr Xiaoxian Zhu specialises in talent management, learning development and employability in high-tech industries. She is a programme leader of MA in HRM at Teesside University Business School, a programme leader of MBA in 2017, a member of CIPD and a subject examiner of international examining bodies. Xiaoxian is also an award winning researcher with depth of understanding in her specialism and breadth beyond. For her academic performance in this field, she has a good record of high quality public presentations in the UK and internationally, publications and research funding. 

Xiaoxian has taught in HRM and Business Management at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels at universities in the UK and overseas. She has served leading UK universities for online MBA and MSc HRM programmes. She is an associate editor of International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy & Research and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Zhejiang University of Technology, China. Prior to her academic career, she was a marketing executive at Porsche Centre China. 

Research interests and activities

Talent Management
International HRM
Learning and Development; Skills, training and employability; Knowledge management
SME and Entrepreneurship, Tech, Regional development

Research projects & external funding

Research Awards, Honours and Prizes
‘Fuse Creative North East’, AHRC. Co-Investigator. 2016-2018

‘Emergency Medical Response Evaluation’, ILG. Co-Investigator. 2016
‘Prime Minister Initiative 2 (PMI2) British Council Project on Regional Economic Development and University Educational partnership between UK and China’. LeedsMet-ZJUT. With Prof. J. Shutt and Prof. P. Iles.  Funded by British Council. 2010-2013.

‘Fun Door: An open door for your better future career’ Project. CEEMAN 2012 Global Challenge Future Competition. Finalist. With Tingting Jiang. Grand Summit Funded by CEEMAN and UNESCO.

‘Talent Management and Employability in High-Tech Industries in Hangzhou, China’. As part of PhD, working with Prof P. Iles, Prof G. Aouad. Awarded Postgraduate Research Funding, University of Salford, 2010/2011 and 2011/2012.

‘Talent Management and HRD in high-tech’. Research Funding. Centre of Organisational Behaviour and Leadership Research, University of Salford, 2010/2011 and 2011/2012.

‘Organisational Transformation and Innovative Development in Industrial Leading Enterprises in Zhejiang, China’. With Prof H. Cheng and Prof. J. Shutt. Funded by Zhejiang Province Government and High Education Key Research Centres. 2011-2013.

PhD and research opportunities

Xiaoxian is currently supervising (DoS) the following research students:
• Maragaret Amala (PhD, Learning and development in public sector)
• Euphemia Okoye (PhD, TM and Human capital development)
• Obedat Abdullazeez (PhD, Organisational development and SMEs)
• Muhammad Arslan (PhD, CRS, Organisational development and SMEs)
• Anil Kumar (PhD, Decision Making, organisational development)
• Kholud Ben Salim (PhD, Talent Management)
• Gary Norris (DBA, Knowledge management)
• Sayed Alawi (DBA, Learning and development)
• Elizabeth Coffin (DBA, Employee engagement and organisational development)

She is currently co-supervising (2nd supervisor) the following research students:
• Alistair Bowden (PhD, Hybrid organization in heritage sector)
• Ze Gao (PhD, Gender issues and Talent Management)
• Alsharif Abogsesa (PhD, Talent Management)
• Gillian Danby (DBA, Gender issues)

External roles and professional activities

Academic Member CIPD, Committee Member CIPD Tees Valley
Academic Advisory Board: Overseas Returnees Centre
Association of Business Executive
PhD external examiner, Sunderland University, 2016-2017
Associate Editor: International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy & Research
Adjunct Associate Professor: Zhejiang University of Technology, China

Learning and teaching interests

FHEA, Certified online academic facilitator.

Learning and Development (L7)
Human Resource Planning (L7)
Data Analysis and Presentation (Doctorate)
Research Methods for Doctorate Students (Doctorate)

Enterprise interest and activities

Non-Executive Advisory Board: Summit



Shi, J., Xu, Q., Zhu, X., (2016) ‘The Influence of Market Concentration on Bank Performance and the Test of TBTF Behavior in China’, International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology, Vol 9, No. 9, September.

Zhu, X., Iles, P., (2013) ‘Human Resource Management in China’, Book Chapter, CIPD.

Zhu, X., Iles, P., (2013) ‘Global Talent Management’, Book Chapter, CIPD.

Shutt, J., Iles, P., Zhu, X., (2012) ‘Regional Economic Development, Employability and Educational Partnership between UK and China’, Prime Minister Initiative 2(PMI2) Research Report, British Council, November 2012.

Iles, P., Zhu, X., (2012) ‘Changing Talent Management Practices and Global Talent Management: a literature review and research agenda for the Mediterranean region’, World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development (WREMSD), Vol.8, pp.424-438.

Zhu, X., Iles, P., Shutt, J., (2011) "Employability, skills and talent management in Zhejiang Province", Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship, Vol. 3, Iss: 1 pp. 24 – 35.

Zhu, X., (2011) ‘Retaining the Talent’, RISE: Research Innovation and Internationalisation News, Issue: May/June. 

Zhu, X., Iles, P., (2013) ‘Changing Talent Management practices in the High-Tech Industry Sector in Hangzhou, China: a literature review, preliminary study and research agenda’, Journal of Organisational Transformation and Social Change.

Conference Proceedings and Public Presentations (Selected):

Xiaoxian Zhu (2014). 'Talent Identification for Contemporary Human Resource Development in Medium Sized Companies', AHRD Conference 12-14 November, Korea.

John Shutt, Xiaoxian Zhu (2013). 'China’s Economic Growth and the Challenge for Business Schools, Regional Economic Development, Skills and Talent Management in Hangzhou City and Zhejiang Region', Going Global China UK British Council PMI2 Research Project Launch, 14th Jan 2013, Leeds.

Xiaoxian Zhu (2011). ‘Employability and Career Development in Generation Young'. Alumni Business Forum Seminar speech, School of Business and Management, Zhejiang University of Technology, China. 1st Dec 2011. 

Xiaoxian Zhu (2011). 'Talent Management and Employability in High-Tech Industry in Hangzhou, China'. Keynote speech. School of Business and Management, Zhejiang University of Technology, China. 24 Nov 2011. 

Xiaoxian Zhu, Paul Iles (2011). ‘Talent Management and Leadership Development in China’, British Academy Management (BAM) Conference, Sept 2011, Birmingham.

Xiaoxian Zhu (2011). ‘Talent Management and Educational Partnership between UK and China’, British Council Going Global International Conference, March 2011, Hong Kong.

Xiaoxian Zhu, Paul Iles (2010). ‘Talent Management in High-Tech Industry Sector in Hangzhou, China’, China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) International Conference, 18-20 Oct. 2010, Shanghai University, China.

Xiaoxian Zhu, Paul Iles, John Shutt (2010). ‘Talent Management in Hangzhou, China’, British Council PMI2 Conference, 16-17 Sept.2010, Salford. 

Xiaoxian Zhu (2010). ‘Talent Management in High-Tech Industry Sector in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in China’, CSSA-UK at LSE, 8-9 Oct. 2010, LSE, London.

Paul Iles, John Shutt, Xiaoxian Zhu (2010). ‘Talent Management and Employability in Zhejiang Province, China’, CEA Conference, July 2010, Oxford University. 

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