Unit for Translational Research in Sport

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Professor Iain Spears

Professor Iain Spears chairs the Unit for Translational Research in Sport. It is co-convened by Dr Matthew Weston and Dr Kevin Dixon.

We are dedicated to translating evidence based, high quality research in sport and exercise into effective practice. Members of the Unit engage with practitioners across public, private and third sectors locally, nationally and internationally.

The overall aims of the Unit for Translational Research in Sport are:

  • To carry out research that can be translated into effective, worthwhile and meaningful improvements in sports performance
  • To broaden the reach of research by working with external partners to increase participation in diverse sports and better evidence the health and lifestyle outcomes of their programmes.

The members of the Unit are committed to interdisciplinary research which brings together skills in sports science, sociology, psychology, biostatistics, human-computer interaction, engineering, and computer science. As well as conducting rigorous and internationally excellent research, the group nurtures a research culture with newer researchers who are interested in contributing to translational research in sport.

Doctoral students

  • Matt Hawkey - working on a project which involves interventions for the preparation, performance and recovery of elite match officials across the USA
  • Jenna Pearson - developing a low-cost motion capturing system for gyms for the purpose of providing biofeedback for runners making a transition from shod to barefoot running
  • Jonathan Taylor - working on an intervention suitable for delivering maximal benefits for the minimal effort in intermittent sports players
  • Chris Hurst - working on a health and fitness intervention for a general population involving a novel exercise training system
  • Anthony Rees - currently mining social media sites in order to understand the social world of amateur racing cyclists in the North of England
  • Tom McBain - developing an intervention to engage non-habitual exercisers using high-intensity low-volume gaming
  • Daniel Douglass - exploring the psychological processes involved in skill acquisition of action sports using professional skateboarders
  • Gok Kandasamy - developing a field-based system for measuring lower limb movements in Indian professional cricketers
  • Shaun Mclaren - developing techniques to quantify the internal-external workload relationship in elite sports.