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Professor Simon Hodgson

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

Simon Hodgson

About Simon Hodgson

Professor Simon Hodgson research interests include:

  • sol-gel and chemical processing of inorganic and organic-inorganic nanocomposite materials
  • ceramic and metallic foams and coatings via sol-gel routes
  • developing novel materials and designs for manufacturing electrical, optical and electromagnetic devices.
  • biotechnological approaches for materials processing
  • materials for ecologically sustainable design and manufacture.

Research interests and activities

Research projects

  • Leverhulme Trust Visiting Research Fellowship for visit of Jaroslaw Koniarek, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland (2007) - Biologically derived magnetic nanomaterials.
  • LG, Philips, Masonlite and DTI (2005-08) - Sol-Gel nanocoatings for design and development of new generation subminiature fluorescence lamps.
  • DTI, Rolls Royce, Newage, Goodrich (2005-07) - Thermally stable sol-gel nanocomposite wire insulating coatings, Advanced Electric Machines through Materials network.
  • Epichem, Attiger and DTI (2005-07) - Laser Processing of Smart Materials via Sol-Gel intermediates.
  • East Midlands Development Agency Innovation Fellowship (2004) - Low Cost Metal Foam Technology via a Sol-Gel process.
  • LG-components (2002-05) - Development of direct ceramic casting (sol-gel) techniques for electronic components.
  • European Commission, Fifth Framework programme, Quebec Metal Powders (Germany), AMES (Spain), M2P (France), Mikroma (Poland), Dyson (UK) - Dielectromagnetic based micromachines, components and materials, GIRD-CT (2001-05).
  • Philips Components and EPSRC CASE studentship (2001-04) - Design and manufacturing process development for high efficiency emitter.
  • EPSRC and RAIS project (2001) - New Generation Tungsten Base Cathodes for CRT's via sol-gel routes.
  • Zarlink Semiconductors (2001) - Sol-Gel Inks for Printed photonic components.
  • Leverhulme Trust (2000-02) - New generation hybrid photovoltaic cells.
  • Philips Components and EPSRC (1999-2001) - Development of the integrated cathode.
  • British Council and KBN (1998-2001) - Dielectromagnetic materials research collaboration award with Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Thermica Ltd and DTI Teaching Company Scheme (1998-2000) - Materials development for thermal barrier coatings.
  • Philips Components (1998-2000) - Low cost manufacturing processes for the enhanced thermionic cathode.
  • Philips Components and EPSRC (1997-98) - Novel Materials for Cathode Applications.

In the news

  • Vital help for patients thanks to new Tees Valley research centre
    Hartlepool Mail, 12/12/2017
    the formal signing of a new partnership between the trust and Teesside University, by the trust's chiefexecutive Julie Gillon and Professor Simon Hodgson, Teesside University's pro vice-chancellor.

  • Health Link
    Evening Gazette, 29/11/2017; Gazette Live, 28/11/2017
    Teesside University and North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has formed a partnership to support innovation in healthcare and education.

  • Business Update
    BQ i Business Update, 26/08/2016
    Professor Simon Hodgson is featured in the RB University Magazine.

  • New Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the University.
    The Evening Gazette, 26/10/2015
    Professor Simon Hodgson as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation.

  • CEA Conference – Skills for Profit Day – Tools to Bridge the Skills Gap
    Construction Equipment, 03/03/2015
    Professor Simon Hodgson to speak at conference.

  • CEA event to tackle UK construction equipment sector skills shortage
    Aggregates Business Europe, 12/02/2015; Agg-net, 12/02/2015
    Professor Simon Hodgson, president of the Engineering Professors’ Council and dean of the School of Science and Engineering, Teesside University is to speak at a Skills for Profit Day conference.

  • Teesside University
    BBC Tees, 13/08/2014
    Comment on a multi-million pound investment for Science and Engineering Building.

  • Teesside University
    BBC Tees, 13/08/2014
    Comment on a multi-million pound investment for Science and Engineering Building.

  • Newsmakers
    BQ (Business Quarter North East), 04/10/2013, p.20
    Professor Simon Hodgson, dean of the School of Science and Engineering at Teesside University, has been made president of the Engineering Professors' Council, which consists of 78 institutions and nea

  • North East businesses can gain an insight into India
    B Daily (Web), 25/09/2013
    Delegates from the Education sector can hear about the thriving opportunities as well as the key to success in India from UK Indian Business Council Skills & Education Sector Manager Jesh Rajasingham.

  • Teesside academic elected to key engineering role
    B Daily (Web), 23/08/2013
    A Teesside University professor has been elected to a leading position in a prestigious engineering organisation. Professor Simon Hodgson, Dean of the School of Science and Engineering, has been made

  • Simon's the new president
    The Journal (Newcastle Upon Tyne), 23/08/2013
    Simon Hodgson, Dean of the School of Science and Engineering at Teesside University, has been made president of the Engineering Professors' Council (EPC).

  • Cafe hosting science talks
    Evening Gazette, 13/10/2012, p.7
    Cafe Scientifique Stockton, based at Arc on Dovecot Street, will present Professor Simon Hodgson, dean of Teesside University's school of science and engineering, who will talk about the challenge of