Time to Talk - An Invisible Theatre performance by our own performing arts students

29 November 2017
Public event:
12.00PM - 3.30PM
Booking required:
Meeting point - Athena Cafe, The Art Cafe
Contact information

Name: Hazel Wright
T: 01642 342267

Time to Talk is a performance for an audience of one where we hear the personal real-life stories of people living with mental health issues.

After booking a timeslot in advance, the performance will begin at the Art Café in the Athena Building on the Teesside University campus. From there, it will take place at various coffee shops around campus. You will be guided from the Art Café to the destination of each individual ‘story’.

On arrival at the destination you will be introduced to a performer who you will sit with for a tea/coffee while they tell you ‘their’ story of managing mental health or stress in everyday life.

In total, you will meet six characters on your journey and listen to the stories of each. On each occasion only you and the performer will know that this is a ‘performance’. This form of ‘invisible theatre’ reflects the invisibility of living with mental health issues and also the experience of being ‘unseen’ when you have to manage a mental illness or deal with stress.

The performance will last 45 minutes in total. You will need to book one timeslot. Each performance will last approx 45 minutes.

You will receive a reply to your booking to ask which timeslot you prefer.

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