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Graduates from Teesside University span the globe

Here some of our successful alumni detail how Teesside helped them on their career path.

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Carla Keegans

Carla KeegansBA (Hons) Politics and Social Policy, 1997

After a successful career in housing, Carla has founded a community interest company.

My degree prepared me well for my career.

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Charmaine Bale

Charmaine BaleGraduated with honours in applied science and forensics, class of 2002

Charmaine is a crime scene investigator for Gwent Police

‘I lift fingerprints, photograph and examine for trace evidence.’

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Carla Winter

Carla WinterBSc (Hons) Forensic Biology

Every day at work Carla uses skills she learned on her degree.

'The scope for further research and understanding of DNA always keeps my interest – it’s one of the things I particularly like about my role.'

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Matthew Grima

Matthew Grima

Matthew GrimaBSc (Hons) Applied Science and Forensic Investigation* and Master of Research in Science

Matthew is working as a conservation scientist for Heritage Malta

'What you learn is not simply out of a text book or an intelligent brain, but also from personal invaluable experience.'

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John Thompson

John ThompsonBSC (Hons) Computer Science, 1992

Given the choice to do it again, I would still choose Teesside University.

Given the choice to do it again, I would still choose Teesside University.

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Steve Wills

Steve WillsBA (Hons) Graphic Design

A Teesside degree in graphic design opened up a rewarding career and a successful award-winning business for Steve.

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