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Here some of our successful alumni detail how Teesside helped them on their career path.

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Mariana Rath

Mariana RathMSc Sport & Exercise, 2015

I really enjoyed the independent learning elements of the course, as they gave me the freedom to explore the subjects in which I was most interested.

Meet Mariana Rath   Link to Meet Mariana Rath.

Antony Daley

Antony  DaleyBSc (Hons) Computer Science

Anthony's degree has led to a consultancy career.

'The best bit about the course was the end result - my first-class degree has changed my life.'

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Francis Hung Kwong Ho

Francis Hung Kwong HoBSc (Hons) Computer Science, 1979

Francis graduated when Teesside was still a polytechnic, and has had a successful and varied career.

The teaching and the facilities were everything I hoped for.

Meet Francis Hung Kwong Ho   Link to Meet Francis Hung Kwong Ho.

Tristan Alltimes

Tristan AlltimesBA (Hons) Marketing, 2001

Tristan’s degree led to a successful career in Britain – and now in Australia.

The course helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and taught me to focus on the important aspects of a marketing career.

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Dave Norman

Dave NormanBSc (Hons) Computing

Dave changed courses and has found a job using skills he learned on both courses.

Having access to staff with a mixture of academic and industrial backgrounds was fantastic.

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Ellen Dudley

Ellen DudleyBA (Hons) Computer Games Art

Ellen’s placement was the highlight of her course.

I was able to apply my previous knowledge of fine art principles whilst learning new software and skills I had never touched on before

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