Alumni say...

Graduates from Teesside University span the globe

Here some of our successful alumni detail how Teesside helped them on their career path.

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Sophie McIntosh

Sophie McIntosh

Sophie McIntoshMSc Marketing Management

The master’s was challenging and it pushed me, but it was definitely worthwhile.

Glynn Davis

Glynn DavisBSc (Hons) Computer Science

Freelance Journalist. 'I found everyone in Middlesbrough to be friendly and helpful and the computer courses were of a very high standard'


Mark Spencer

Mark SpencerBSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science (Applied Coaching)

Academy coach, Newcastle College and Middlesbrough Football Club

'It was my dream to work in football and I love it.'

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Stephen Ward

BSc (Hons) Chemistry, 2014

Stephen enjoyed his course and the social life at Teesside, and is now in a job using his new skills.

The course gave me experience of delivering presentations to a scientific audience, and the problem-solving skills that are essential to my current role

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Louise Rowe

Louise RoweBA (Hons) Graphic Design, 2008

Louise’s successful freelance career followed directly from her final year project.

Graduating with a portfolio of work, ready to use in a professional creative field, gave a kick-start in my career.

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Ben Mortlock

Ben MortlockBSc (Hons) Sports Therapy, 2008

Ben’s work experience led directly to his first job, and on to a successful career.

My studies gave me the necessary skills for the roles I have since had in professional football.

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