Ajay Ajaal

Ajay’s experience at Teesside University prepared him for his dream job in Canada.

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Ajay Ajaal

Ajay’s experience at Teesside University prepared him for his dream job in Canada.

In my role at Rogers Telecom in Toronto I work closely with senior colleagues to manipulate, interpret and carry out scientific experiments to make important business decisions. I’ve worked on multiple projects for products which have launched right across Canada. The biggest of these was for sports speciality service, Sportsnet.

Following my time at Teesside University I started my own company, PixelBlock Studios. This was an incredible experience. At its height the company worked with Uber, assisting their launch in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. We were also lightly involved with a series of start-ups. The largest of these was for an Italian fashion start-up based in London.

New opportunities arose in the network I had built through establishing PixelBlock Studios so I moved on, taking my dream job with my current employer, Rogers Telecom. Now I enjoy half price tickets to the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays – the perks of working for a company that owns sports teams!

My time at Teesside University prepared me for my career through the intense regimen of practical assignments that my course involved. These assignments were mixed with theoretical learning and I was given the environment I needed to thrive. My course encouraged me to think algorithmically, pushing me to be the best version of myself.

During my time as a student I received exceptional mentoring through one of my lecturers. This really enhanced my interest in artificial intelligence. I was even given the opportunity to deliver my own lecture on machine learning to my classmates.

I believe that you only get out of life what you put in. Give it your all and Teesside University is somewhere you can excel.

I knew about the University before applying as it was where my mother completed her PhD. I had also enrolled on some Summer University courses so I knew what I was signing up for when I joined.

I chose my computer science degree as I’ve always been obsessed with tech. I love start-up culture and the ability technology has to change the world. If you asked me whether my course offered value for money I would answer in one word – yes.

When I was a student I received multiple opportunities through Teesside University’s careers service. Ultimately though I wanted to take up a position of employment back in Canada so the University’s careers service took more of a consultant role for me.

I’d really recommend that you work hard wherever you go, if you do you can achieve great things. Teesside University always offers a practical focus and gives you a practical feel for the problems you face in daily life. Graduates from elsewhere seem to lack this practical ability.

This is just the beginning for me. With the skills to develop new technology and analyse its use you can impact billions of lives.

One last thing about Teesside – I really miss the parmos. Anyone coming to Toronto, please bring me a parmo.

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