Stacey Nottingham

Stacey is a director of an award winning graphic design and web company.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

'The tutors were great, they let us show our creativity and were always there for us.'

Stacey Nottingham

What was your course like?

I loved it, I made some great friends. The tutors were great, they let us show our creativity and were always there for us. The course itself was very pro-active, enabling you to show off your skills but the staff always guided you to do better.

What was the best thing about your course?

Our final year projects were fab. We had an exhibition, and parents, family and friends could all attend. My class mates were great and I’m still friends with most of them now.
The course enabled me to be where I am today, I’m Director of Design and Business Owner of Bombshell Design. Openness and creativity were always encouraged.

What was your social life like when you were studying at Teesside University?

The social life was great, we used the Students’ Union often although it has changed a lot from when I was there, it’s a great place with a great atmosphere. I also used a lot of the pubs and restaurants around.
I only lived 20 minutes away so I was always very close, always there to join friends for activities and late classes.

What have you done since graduating and what are you doing now?

I moved to London to work after university. I moved back to Teesside to set up Bombshell Design, a graphic design and web company - first as a partnership then a sole trader which has been running for ten years. I’m the Director of Design at the company. We won the North East Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004.

Did your time at Teesside University help you to achieve or get closer to your goals?

Yes, it gave me the inspiration to always want to own my own business and employ others.