Julia Wood

Julia Wood embarked on a part-time MBA and is using the knowledge and confidence she gained to run her own business.

Julia Wood

Why did you select the MBA at Teesside?

I live in Middlesbrough so Teesside University was the natural choice for me, particularly with me working full time.
I wanted to learn about how other businesses worked, both in the private and public sectors, but I did wonder at the start whether I would have the knowledge and understanding to pass any assignments!

What did you enjoy most about studying at Teesside University?

I really enjoyed learning – it was a great experience for me and I really missed it when it came to an end (although not so much the deadlines, late nights and caffeine overdoses to keep me awake!).

How did your time at University help prepare you for your career?

When I was at university I actually had no intention of establishing my own business, however, I have to say that the learning I gained has helped me enormously. It has certainly provided me with considerable knowledge, and the know-how (and possibly the confidence) to take the business forward. Julia Wood & Associates has been running now for just over two years, and I'm very proud to say that it has gone from strength to strength.