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For your business a knowledge transfer project can:

  • increase your competitiveness
  • increase your productivity
  • increase your annual profit
  • help you make better use of knowledge, technology and skills.

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We are leading the way in delivering flexible knowledge transfer projects.
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If you need to make a strategic change, develop a new range of products, enter a new market or develop new technologies, business systems or processes a knowledge transfer project or a knowledge exchange could be exactly what you need.

These projects enable business to:

  • access key University expertise to solve operational problems or drive strategic change
  • recruit a recent graduate to deliver the project aims
  • increase annual profits before tax up to £220,000
  • embed new knowledge and skills.

Leading the way in flexible knowledge transfer

We have led the way in delivering flexible Knowledge Transfer projects with businesses. The latest and most flexible route for SMEs in the North East are knowledge exchange internships (KEI) unique to Teesside University.

For more information on KEIs go to Knowledge exchange internships

Accelerate business innovation through KTPs

A KTP involves the formation of a partnership between your business and University, enabling you to access skills and expertise to help your company develop. A recent graduate will facilitate this transfer of knowledge. The graduate works on a strategic project jointly supervised by the University and the business. KTPs are flexible in length from 18 months to three years according to your needs. They are part-funded by Government, led by the Technology Strategy Board.

Companies we've worked with include: Stockton-on-Tees Teaching Primary Care Trust; Fin Machine Company Ltd; Solocup (Europe) Ltd; Vale of Mowbray Ltd; Stanley Vickers Ltd; Advanced Electronics Ltd; Deepdale Solutions Ltd; Romag Holdings plc; Third Film Productions Ltd; Coast and Country Housing; Hospitality Guaranteed Ltd; Daniels Group; FNA Films Ltd; High Integrity Products Ltd; International Cuisine Ltd; Rayovac Ltd; Time Out of the Box; CMR UK Ltd; Northumbrian Water; Twisted Studio.

Flexibility is the KEI

Our new ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) supported knowledge exchange internships (KEI) offer North East small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a unique chance to engage with expertise from Teesside University. KEIs allow partnerships which are flexible in duration up to 6 months and can be approved within five working days of application.

Similar to a KTP, a KEI involves the University, a graduate – and you. You get a highly qualified graduate working for you plus a team of specialist experts – who will transfer their technical expertise, research and innovation to achieve key business objectives.


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