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Adopting digital skills to transform your role

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Improve your digital skills and knowledge

If you would like to improve your digital skills and knowledge, then this programme is for you.

This exciting two year project provides training in a range of digital technologies, delivered via a series of taster sessions and accredited short courses. Blended learning in subjects such as programming, augmented reality and cybersecurity, will provide skills that you and/or your staff can immediately apply in innovative ways in the workplace. Furthermore, our courses provide a pathway to further study if you choose to do so.

Digital Skills for Growth is an ESF funded project aimed at supporting employed individuals and teachers in primary and secondary schools within the Durham region, to increase their digital knowledge and expertise for application in the workplace.

Eligibilty applies and you will need to be employed or live in the Durham region to benefit from the programme.

If you are an owner/manager or head teacher/head of department/subject, then why not join our Focus Groups which will give you an opportunity to discuss:

  • The digital skills you and your staff need such as programming, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence
  • The content of our courses, making certain that our programmes are relevant to your needs
  • The level of our courses i.e. introductory or more advanced
  • And understand new and upcoming technology

The focus groups will meet each quarter for a couple of hours for the first year and then every 6 months in the 2nd year and our first Industry Focus Group will be taking place on Friday 27 September.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more or to register your interest.

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