Undergraduate study

14 to 19 diploma

The 14-19 diploma is a new qualification for students aged 14 to 19. It is now one of the three main education choices - alongside A levels and Apprenticeships.

Teesside University student

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for a course before you apply call the number on the course details. Advice is also available from the Admissions Administrator on 01642 384228 or email registry@tees.ac.uk.

The diploma can lead you to college, university or directly to a related career. It is available at three different levels:

  • Foundation (level 1) - equivalent to five GCSEs at grades D to G
  • Higher (level 2) - equivalent to five GCSEs at grades A* to C
  • Advanced (level 3) - equivalent to 3½ A levels. Advanced diploma students will complete the same extended project as A level students.

Each level of diploma contains the same parts:

  • Principal learning - developing the knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to the chosen Diploma subject.
  • Generic learning - including skills in English, maths and ICT, personal learning and thinking skills. Also you complete a project and a minimum of 10 days' work experience.
  • Additional specialist learning - the opportunity to study a particular topic in more depth or broaden studies through complementary learning. It consists of a wide range of existing and some new qualifications, including GCSEs, A levels and BTECs.

Other qualifications such as GCSEs, A levels and BTECs can be taken as part of a Diploma or as separate subjects alongside it. Other qualifications such as BTECs and NVQs are available in their own right and also as study options within the diploma.

Teesside University and the 14-19 diploma

We are working with partners in the region and beyond to ensure Diplomas at Advanced level meet the needs of potential university applicants and match course entry requirements. We've also been working with UCAS to prepare teaching and admissions staff for applications from students holding the advanced diploma.

UCAS tariff

UCAS have awarded the advanced diploma a tariff value of 420 points. This is equivalent to 3½ A levels or three A levels and the Extended Project. We accept applications for all appropriate courses from advanced diploma students.

For some courses we may ask for combinations of options within a diploma. These will be stated on courses on this website and in prospectuses. We advise you to research entry requirements for university courses to help determine your study options.

Further developments

An extended diploma adds more generic and specialist learning. These are equivalent to:

  • Foundation – seven GCSEs at grades D to G
  • Higher – nine GCSEs at grades A* to C
  • Advanced – 4½ A levels

A progression diploma equivalent to 2½ A levels includes the generic and principal learning sections of the full advanced diploma. It provides recognition for the achievements of those who do not wish to complete the full advanced diploma.