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Dr Ian Lawrence

Ian Lawrence

About Ian Lawrence

Ian is the Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Sports Management & Marketing at Teesside University.

Ian has strong links to elite level football both in the UK and US. Currently, he leads on a number of research projects which explore the challenges faced by senior leaders and executives within the professional game.

Ian’s PhD (titled: Soccer and the American Dream) explored the ‘lived experience’ of university scholarship athletes in both New York and California. This experience was complemented by work as a consultant and Associate Professor with Richmond International Academic Soccer Academy (RIASA).

  • PhD: Soccer and the American Dream (University of Stirling)
  • MA Education (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
  • PGCE (secondary) Physical Education and PSHE (Leeds Polytechnic, Carnegie Dept.)
  • BA (Hons) Human Movement Studies & Education (Christ Church College, Canterbury, Kent).

Research interests and activities

Ian is currently in the process of writing two books for Routledge.

Title: Football Club Management: insights from the field (due for publication: July, 2017).

Title: Soccer and the American Dream (due for publication: July, 2018)

Associate Member of the 'Centre for the Study of Football' at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Editorial board for the 'Journal of Research Initiatives'.

Enterprise interest and activities

Ian is currently working closely with a number of professional football clubs reviewing 'best practice' in leadership and management.

One of Ian’s current projects aims to explore how senior executives evaluate the concept of ‘trust’ within prospective employees. The supposition that underpins the collaborative project is that employers have an intrinsic interest in the promotion of positive organizational behaviour.


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Currently Under Preparation/Review.

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