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Natalie Woods

Natalie has ambitions to work for a multinational corporation.

Natalie Woods

BA (Hons) Business Management

'What makes you stand out from the other job candidates in this hyper-competitive market is what Teesside University can offer – a real life experience.'

What made you decide to study on a higher education course?

To fulfil my aims and objectives in my career I wanted a fundamental understanding of my chosen topic before entering the world of work. I think higher education allows you to develop and gain the skills and knowledge to allow you to succeed.
I wanted to go to a university where I would make a difference, so that one day I would look back and say I was a part of that. I want to give back to the community and help others on my way. After reading about the investment and development at Teesside I knew I would be able to achieve my ambition in making a difference.

Why did you choose to study that particular subject?

Business studies was my strongest subject at school, I was truly passionate about it. Business management provides a holistic view of business, you can grasp an understanding of how organisational functions are interrelated. This is vital for me, as I have always wanted to work my way up an organisation to CEO or director level. In my course I have experienced all functional areas of a business, to help me decide which department I wanted to start in when I enter the world of work.

What are your favourite modules?

HRM: Contemporary Issues, because it’s important to understand how to manage people because without a motivated workforce there is no organisation. I gained an understanding of real contemporary issues of business and I also focused on one country, which allowed me to become more passionate on the topic. I also enjoyed the Business Dynamics and Problem Solving module, because it had real life application. Every interview placement that I was successful in was due to me talking about the application and theory that I have learnt within that topic. I could see the link between theory and real life application that I can apply in my future job role. I will also be doing a work placement for a year at GE Oil & Gas in Newcastle.

What do you think about the campus and the services offered?

The campus is outstanding! The facilities are amazing to look at however, the services provided allows you to feel a part of a community. Teesside University is the future and the campus and buildings such as the Curve and the Library showcases this. Everyone is friendly and willing to help - excellent service. From the career services I learnt the fundamental basics of putting a CV together, cover letter writing and placement tests which have presented many successful job opportunities.
Restaurants and bars around the area are a great place to get together, especially as the cost of living is more affordable, you are able to experience the surrounding area on a regular basis.

Are you a member of any clubs or societies or involved in any volunteering programmes?

I volunteer as a Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) Leader. I am intrinsically motivated when I am helping others to succeed in modules that they may find difficult by passing on my advice and knowledge. I also volunteer as a student director to DigitalCity, leading a student board team of four. I have gained real life work experience. I have the confidence to network, public speak, present and write professional emails. I have gained leadership skills, communication skills, set objectives, performance-rated others, motivated others, overcome challenges and team work. I have also had the opportunity to speak at the House of Commons, lead my own campaign and create my own network event.

Would you recommend Teesside?

I would recommend Teesside University 100%. I am proud and privileged to be a part of a fantastic university that is a cultured community for everyone. If someone wants more than just a degree but an experience, a successful job in the future, opportunities to excel and develop as a person, gain real life experience, employability skills while being a part of a community with all the support and encouragement you can get then there is no other university that offers a full rounded service. Overall Teesside University gives you the support needed to make the best of your upward journey in life.

After graduating, I hope to gain a career within a multinational corporation. My course will allow me to achieve my ambitions. What makes you stand out from the other job candidates in this hyper-competitive market is what Teesside University can offer – a real life experience.

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