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Batyrkhan Togaibayev

Batyrkhan was the first student from his university in Kazakhstan to come to Teesside University on an exchange programme.

BA (Hons) Journalism

'Journalism is an important part of my life – since childhood, I have dreamed about this.'

From Kazakhstan to Teesside

Batyrkhan Togaibayev came from Kazakhstan to study Media Journalism at Teesside University.

Batyrkhan  Togaibayev

What made you decide to study journalism at university?

I believe higher education is a new level of self-development and I’m eager to learn. Journalism is an important part of my life – since childhood, I have dreamed about this.

What was the course at Teesside like?

Each of the lecturers has a lot of experience in their field. I really enjoyed the module Journalism: Sound and Vision because I like to shoot videos, and doing interviews and reports.

What was your social life like here?

The people of Middlesbrough were very friendly and kind. I went to parties and dined at restaurants, and I also went to the football while I was there.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to continue my studies in the United States. After that, I aim to get a job with an international publication. I’d like to work in major media and be in the centre of world events – I hope to travel the world and make documentary films.

How has your time at Teesside University prepared you for your future career?

The experience gained at Teesside has been very useful for me. I learned the basics of British and European journalism. This will definitely help me to achieve great heights in Kazakhstan.

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