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Balaji Vasudevan

Balaji works as a KTP associate at Teesside University. He works with a local potash fertilizers company to help reduce particle emissions.

MSc Petroleum Technology

Balaji  Vasudevan

What did you study at Teesside?

My first degree in India was a BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering – after that I thought about pursuing a higher degree specialising in petroleum technology. My master’s course was really good. All the modules were completely up to date with industry technology which made it so much easier to learn the skills after securing a job. And my favourite part was the project – I enjoyed the research work and learned a lot.

What came next?

After my master’s degree I became involved in a collaborative innovative partnership with Teesside University and Cleveland Potash Ltd. This six-month project with the University looked at how to reduce its particle emissions and make energy savings. This project identified the process disturbances that could impact on particle emissions.

Next came a knowledge transfer partnership – this is a three-way partnership working to address a business issue or development project. Again I’m working with Cleveland Potash on reducing particle emissions. I work under the supervision of Dr Zhang, a senior lecturer in the School of Science & Engineering, who makes monthly visits to the company. I’m looking at the best possible systems to reduce these emissions further without impacting on the production capability of the plant.

How has Teesside helped you?

I had help from the University’s careers department in building my CV and developing my applications, which made life easier. And I went to a careers fair and workshops about the UK job market – both gave me a lot of useful ideas.

I would certainly recommend studying at Teesside University – the environment is really good with enough support from the tutors. In ten years’ time I’d like to be a plant manager – maybe I’ll have kids and a family, who knows?

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