Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship


About the Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship recognises applications from outstanding students who can demonstrate their skills and commitment to becoming future global leaders. A one-off payment of £3,000 is allocated as a fee waiver in the first year of study.

Point of entry: For students enrolling in January 2019.

Eligibility criteria: To be eligible to apply for the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship, you will:

  • Be an international fee-paying undergraduate or postgraduate taught degree offer holder, enrolling for the first time at Teesside University
  • Start your course in January 2019
  • Submit an application for consideration

Please note: The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship may not be used in conjunction with any other Teesside University Scholarship or Staying-On bonus. Successful applicants may still receive the £500 discount for early payment of their fees.

Conditions of the Scholarship:

Successful recipients of the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship will be required to act as an ambassador for the University for the duration of your studies, which may involve but is not limited to the following:

  • representing Teesside University at Open Days
  • contributing to marketing and promotional materials
  • participating in international student events
  • acting as a mentor to fellow students
  • contributing to/creating a blog or vlog to report on your experience at Teesside University.

You are also required to continue to engage with the University as a valued member of our global alumni.

Application Process:
Applicants are required to submit a personal statement as an application of no more than 500 words, which demonstrates:

  • your outstanding attributes, both personal and academic
  • your commitment to becoming a future global leader
  • how you will use your Teesside University degree to achieve your future ambitions.

A University panel will select applicants to receive the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship based on the most promising students who meet the eligibility criteria.

The application window has now closed.

The University aim to inform all scholarship applicants of the outcome of their application by Monday 3 December 2018.

September 2018 Scholarship recipients


Ammar Khalid
MSc Instrumental and Control Engineering
"I am confident that Teesside University will lead me close to my future goals. After completing the MSc degree, I hope to become a control and instrumentation engineer, working in the petrochemical sector or fields including oil and gas."


Emmanuel Selasi Asumadu Agbefe
MPH Public Health
"I have completed my education and dedicated my life to serving the less privileged in our society by taking free medical care to them. I really hope to have a greater impact in the near future as my dream is to join the WHO where together we can make our world healthier and more peaceful."



Eslam Ahmed Mohamed Adel Mohamed Eldoky
BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering
"I am looking forward to completing my degree in Aerospace Engineering at Teesside University to expand my theoretical and practical understanding of the subject and to prepare me for a career in the aerodynamics field."


Meroline Itambi Ambu Epse Asaah
MSc Energy and Environmental Management
"My country, Cameroon, is a third world country with high poverty rates, many killer diseases and a poorly managed environment. Therefore, there is a need for experts in this sector and I strongly believe Teesside University is the best place for me to develop the knowledge needed to address the needs of my country."



Patrick Nicholas
BA (Hons) Concept Art
"Having completed a heavily skill-based syllabus in Malaysia, I sought a curriculum that teaches thought process and I found that Teesside University has the correct set of classes for me. I am optimistic about my study at Teesside University and I will work hard to make sure that in the future, I will become a part in the ever-growing industry of entertainment."


Pearl Neo Canny Cunningham  
MA Multimedia Public Relations
"I want change in the media world, not only in Africa, but also across the world. Being given the opportunity to study at Teesside University has been a dream, an honour and privilege. I pledge myself to be an excellent global leader and ambassador of Teesside University."


Usaid Anis
MSc Petroleum Engineering (with Advanced Practice)
"MSc at Teesside University will increase my practical knowledge in the field of the petroleum industry and I cannot wait to be part of the vibrant community of professionals looking to advance in the field of petroleum engineering.  After completion of my degree, I plan to return to my Pakistan where I intend to deploy knowledge and skills acquired from the MSC programme to develop sustainable energy solutions."



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