About Dhea

  • Course you are studying at Teesside: BA (Hons) Media Studies

  • University/College in home country: Mentari Intercultural School, Bintaro, Indonesia

  • Reason for coming to study in the UK: I chose to study in the UK because it's my second home. I lived in Birmingham when I was in primary school, my older brother lives in Crewe, I have an auntie living in the Teesside area, and there is a large Indonesian community in the UK. This meant my parents wouldn't worry so much about me studying so far away knowing that I'll always be connected to home.

  • Describe yourself: I'm an extroverted introvert with big dreams.

  • Hobbies: Dancing and cheerleading are my main hobbies. I'm also starting a lifestyle and beauty blog (which I mainly use as an excuse for my shopping hobby). I also love playing the Sims and binge-watching deadpan comedy shows.

  • 3 adjectives to describe you: Enthusiastic, amiable and ambitious

Most recent vlog - Episode 2

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Episode 1
Dhea introduces herself and tells us why she chose to study in the UK, and at Teesside University.


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