About Farhin

  • Course you are studying at Teesside: MSc Food Science and Biotechnology with Advanced Practice

  • University/College in home country: M.B. Patel Science College, Anand, India

  • Reason for coming to study in the UK: Courses in the UK provide theoretical knowledge, and strong practical skills, and degrees from the UK are valued all over the world. The UK is advanced in the field of Food science and Biotechnology which will help me advance in my chosen career.

  • Hobbies: Cooking, listening to music and reading inspirational books.

  • 3 adjectives to describe you: Ambitious, curious, friendly.

Most recent vlog - Episode 1

Episode 1
Farhin introduces herself and tells us why she chose to study MSc Food Science and Biotechnology (with Advanced Practice) at Teesside University.


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