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Digitalcity Goes Scientific

03 April 2006 @TeesUniNews


To coincide with this year’s DigitalCity Fellowship awards, the University of Teesside is holding its first DigitalCity symposium to bring together experts from science and the arts to discuss scientific visualisation.

The event ‘Beyond Reality – Sharing the vision’ on Tuesday 11 April will include international speakers and takes place in its Europa Building, on Woodlands Road, Middlesbrough from 11- 6pm.

Among those taking part will be Alain Lioret, a Professor in Arts and Technologies of the Image (University of Paris 8) within the INREV (Digital Images and Virtual Reality) laboratory. His specialist research area is the application of artificial life and artificial intelligence in art and he uses nature as his inspiration for new computer created art paintings.

Also taking part will be Chris Briscoe and Dr Vassilios Hurmusiadis from Primal Pictures, who are leaders in ‘interactive body-visualisation software’ for medical schools, physical therapy courses and the health education market.

Other speakers include:

Andrew Bishop, from Darkside Animation, which has worked on special effects for films like James Bond’s Golden Eye and Lost in Space.

Richard Fenwick, a screenwriter and film director from Newcastle who produced Artificial Worlds V 3.0, an end-of-the-world story premiered at the recent AV Fest in the North East. He used computer graphics and special effects produced by graduates from the University of Teesside to help make the film and worked with moShine, a company set up by Teesside graduates. Richard has also directed music videos including for Sony, Motorola, Virgin and Warner.

Janice Webster, DigitalCity project director, said: “We are holding this symposium to bring together some of the leading players in the field of scientific visualisation and creative special effects.

“We want them to share a vision of where the industry is going and to encourage greater collaboration in some of the exciting projects being planned to harness the power of tomorrow’s technologies. And we want to tell them about our plans for involving digital artists and scientists in the DigitalCity project here in the Tees Valley.”

For more information contact who Judith Wilkinson on 01642 384330 or email