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Gabrielle Kent

Senior Lecturer in Computer Games Development

Gabrielle Kent

About Gabrielle Kent

Gabrielle has worked in and around the games industry since 1996 in an art and design capacity. She is a senior lecturer in computer games development and Deputy Head of the Computer Games Department. In addition, she directs and programmes the Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games.

During her career, Gabrielle has worked on console and PC titles for Accolade, Infogrammes, Atari and Midway, as well as contributing to independently developed titles. On four occasions she has acted as a judge on the BAFTA Games awards. In 2006 Gabrielle was announced as one of the Top 100 most influential women in the games industry by US based Next Gen magazine, and again in 2013 by MCV. In 2015 she was awarded one of MCV's prestigious Woman of the Year awards. As a former organiser of the world’s first annual conference for Women in Games, she has a strong interest in encouraging women and girls to pursue careers in videogames.

In her spare time, Gabrielle writes books for children aged 8+. Her Alfie Bloom series has been translated into eight languages.

Gabrielle featured on the front page of Contact magazine for a feature on her career - Read the full article here.

In the news

  • I wrote a book for my mixed-race daughter so she had a literary heroine to look up to
    The Independent, online, 18/07/2018
    Gabrielle Kent discusses her latest novel and the need for greater representation of BAME characters in children's fiction.

  • Book Diversity
    Sky News, 2.15pm, 21/07/2018
    Gabrielle Kent speaks to Sky News about the lack of diversity in children's books. Only 1% have a BAME main character when 32% of school kids are of ethnic minorities.

  • Gabrielle becomes first author for new independent publisher
    North East Connected, online, 09/04/2018, North East Chamber of Commerce, online, 10/04/2018
    Gabrielle Kent is dedicating her new book to her daughter and is determined for her to see a diverse range of characters at the forefront of adventure novels.

    Edge, Main 01/09/2017:Edge, Main, 01/09/2017:
    Senior lecturer Garbrielle Kent gives details of why students should study at Teesside, we have earned our excellent reputation and created impressive custom-built facilities for our students.

  • Industry experts share behind the scenes insight at international festival
    North East Connected, 05/05/2017
    Experts who have worked on best-selling computer games and hit animated films will share their experiences with enthusiasts and industry professionals at this year's Animex Festival

  • Young writer inspired by teacher's memory
    Darlington Advertiser 6/04/2017; Darlington & Stockton Times, 28/4/2017
    Ms Kent, author of the Alfie Bloom book series, and a senior lecturer in computer games development at Teesside University's talks about a writing competition.

  • Young writer inspired by memory of best teacher
    North East Connected, 19/04/2017; Darlington & Stockton Times, 23/04/2017; DurhamTimes (web), 23/04/2017; Northern Echo, 23/04/2017:Northern Echo (North Edition),24/04/2017:
    Annabelle Foulds, ten, of Corporation Road Primary School in Darlington, was named the winner of a contest held by author and academic Gabrielle Kent, who has been delivering creative writing workshop

  • Author and academic inspires young children to write
    Love Middlesbrough, 11/04/2017; North East Connected, 11/04/2017
    Author and Teesside University academic Gabrielle Kent has been visiting schools to encourage children to write their own stories.

  • Gabrielle offers expertise for BBC's latest Live Lesson
    Love Middlesbrough, 24/03/2017; North East Connected, 24/03/2017
    A Teesside University computer games expert, Gabrielle Kent is taking part in a live BBC, Doctor Who-themed, lesson designed to teach students about the importance of computer programming.

  • This is What Video Gaming Narratives Need to Do to Be Taken Seriously
    Vice, online, 19/05/2016
    Gabrielle Kent talks about the variety of great stories you can tell through gaming.

  • Middlesbrough to host Northern Children's Book Festival Gala Day, 17/11/2016;
    Teesside University lecturer, Gabrielle Kent, the author of Alfie Bloom and the Secrets of Hexbridge Castle will present at the Northern Children's Book Festival Gala Day.

  • BBC Radio Tees, Gary Philipson
    BBC Radio Tees, 19/11/2016
    Northern Children's Book Festival will involve Teesside University lecturer, Gabrielle Kent.

  • Skills and Training
    Develop, 01/06/2016
    Gabrielle Kent talks about games-related courses at Teesside University.

  • Animex event highlighted
    BBC Radio Tees, 04/20/2015; BBC 1 North East, 10/02/2015
    Gabrielle Kent discusses the Teesside University's Animex event.

  • Animex event highlighted
    BBC Radio Tees, 04/20/2015; BBC Tees, 08/02/2015
    Gabrielle Kent discusses the Teesside University's Animex event.

  • Book dream come true for Teesside University lecturer, 05/06/2015; Chester Le Street Advertiser, 06/06/2015
    A childhood dream to write a book has finally become a reality for Teesside University academic Gabrielle Kent.

  • From computer games to the write stuff
    Evening Gazette, 27/05/2015; GazetteLive, 27/05/2015; BBC Tees, 28/05/2015; Northern Echo, 02/06/2015;, 02/06/2015; North Yorkshire Advertiser, 03/06/2015;, 03/06/2015
    A childhood dream to write a book has finally become a reality for a Teesside University academic.

  • Lecturer publishes first book
    Northern Echo, 29/09/2014, p.50
    Childhood dreams of publishing a book have become a reality for academic Gabrielle Kent.

  • Computer games designer advice for students
    Develop, 01/02/2014
    Gabrielle Kent, Teeside University, advises 'If you want to be a designer, make sure that your course doesn't just have you writing design documents. You should be doing hands-on development work with

  • Are You Game?
    Living North (North East), 01/02/2014, p.21
    The great news for older gamers is that their habit may bring health benefits. Gabrielle Kent, Animex festival's director, started her career working on games at Newcastle studio Pitbull Syndicate, an

  • Redressing the balance
    BQ (Business Quarter North East), 04/07/2013, p.26
    Gabrielle Kent has not only turned a hobby into a career, she has become a leading light in her chosen industry. In fact, Gabrielle, 37, who is now deputy head of games art and design at Teesside Univ

  • Teesside Quiz
    Evening Gazette, 20/04/2013, p.11
    Gabrielle Kent, Deputy Head of Games, Art and Design at Teesside University is mentioned.

  • Gabrielle named among the best in the industry
    Darlington & Stockton Times (Cleveland), 05/04/2013, p.19
    Teeside University academic Gabrielle Kent has been named as one of the top 100 women in the games industry by an influential publication. Ms Kent, 37, forged a trailblazing career as one of the few f

  • Gabrielle's in the top 100
    Evening Gazette, 20/03/2013, p.19
    Teesside University academic Gabrielle Kent, pictured, has been named as one of the top 100 women in the games industry. The Deputy Head of Games Art and Design at the university forged a career as on

  • The Top 100 UK Women In Video Games
    MCV (Web), 08/03/2013
    The Top 100 Women In Games list is published today, Friday March 8th, as part of International Women's Day celebrations. [LIST INCLUDES:] Gabrielle Kent, Senior Lecturer & Festival Director, Teesside

  • Teesside University coverage
    BBC Radio Tees, Ken Snowdon, 03/02/2013, 12:36:04
    There is a discussion about the computer game industry. Teesside University's Gabriel Kent is interviewed.

  • More than just a game
    The Journal, 09/01/2013, p.49
    When parents Colin and Margaret Kent brought a budget computer into their County Durham home in 1983, it's unlikely they could have imagined the path it would set their then seven-year-old daughter Ga