Parent interviews

Kirsten and Bex

Meet Kirsten and her daughter Bex. Bex is currently at Sunderland College and plans to apply for the BSc (Hons) Crime and Investigation degree at Teesside.

Kirsten and Bex Lapping

Mum has generally helped me get a better overview of the process and the things to consider. She has helped me find out about things I didn’t know about – she’s researched things herself and we’ve researched together too.

Kirsten, how have you helped Bex choose a course and university?

Kirsten: I've tried to support her the best way I can over the last few years, while encouraging her to do the research herself and be independent - it has to be her decision. At options time she phoned various universities to find out the best subjects to take.

Bex: Mum has generally helped me get a better overview of the process and the things to consider. She has helped me find out about things I didn't know about - she's researched things herself and we've researched together too.

Kirsten: We are looking at the application process together. I've done a degree but as a mature student. We are trying to look online and gather information - Bex has done much of it herself though.

Bex: What's important to me is the university's reputation, the area and how the course is delivered - and whether it's close to home but far enough away for independence.

Kirsten: Bex has been concentrating on her personal statement and I have read her different drafts. I don't want to put my stamp on it but it's good for fresh eyes to view it - it's helped her reflect and realise what she's achieved to include in her statement.

What are your thoughts on university open days?

Kirsten: I am pleased I came to the open day at Teesside with Bex - I've helped her reflect on the experience. If parents haven't been through the application process themselves I would advise you to find out about open days - research with your child and talk it over together.

Bex: Having been to the open day today, I now know I need to make some changes to my UCAS application.

Kirsten, how have you helped Bex prepare for university?

Kirsten: As a mum I want Bex to be at the point where she is ready to leave home with as many life skills as possible. I'm hoping that when she moves into university life she will be as well prepared as possible. I'm a bit concerned about Bex leaving home but it's the right thing for her to gain her independence.

Bex, do you have any worries about starting university?

Bex: I'm worried about fitting in and making friends - but I love learning something new so I'm excited about coming to university too.

Kirsten: As a mum I am interested in finding out what support there is so I can feel comfortable. It's good to know there's a support system in case she needs it.