Choosing Year 9 options

Choices in Year 9

The subjects and qualifications your son or daughter cover in Years 10 and 11 can have an impact on the career or college course they want study later on.

You can play a huge part in helping them with these decisions. Start by asking them what they enjoy or what they're good at.

What sort of person are they?

  • What they're interested in - designing, helping others, working in industry
  • What types of activity they enjoy most - questioning and considering, practical activities, artistic options like painting, drawing or performing music
  • What they get involved in outside of school - the skills they've developed through clubs, societies and other interests
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What's their ideal career?

Encourage your son or daughter to take our interactive quiz to find out.
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What might they want to study?

  • Some subjects are compulsory because they cover essential knowledge and skills that everyone needs for the future:
    • English
    • maths
    • science
  • The school must provide your son/daughter with access to at least one course in each of four areas, these are:
    • arts - including art and design, music, dance, drama and media arts
    • design and technology
    • humanities - history and geography
    • modern foreign languages
  • There are some other subjects that have to be studied but don't necessarily have an exam at the end:
    • careers education
    • citizenship
    • information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Depending on what's available at their school, your son or daughter may also be able to do work-related courses like Young Apprenticeships, or key skills courses like English and maths.