About Computing research

School of Computing, Media & the Arts

The School of Computing, Media & The Arts conducts research on a wide range of topics from computer science to games, animation, media and the arts. Our research areas include data-driven AI, software and systems, Cyber security, computer games and immersive technologies, animation, media and Fine Art.


Our research has been well recognised in applied Computer Science such as AI, software verification and validation, intelligent systems, as well as in media and Fine Art. Our work has been published in leading conferences and journals, and has received several awards at conferences, including the best paper prize, the influential paper award, and the best application and demonstration. Research impact has been delivered across different sectors from computer game companies to telecom operators and broadcasters. We have received research funding from various agencies including the European Commission, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Innovate UK and Information Commissioner’s Office. We have maintained a very active collaboration with distinguished researchers in world-leading universities and have continuously generated a significantly large number of joint research outputs. We often host academic visitors to facilitate collaboration and networking opportunities for staff and PhD students. We are also keen to collaborate with all industrial partners on research and innovation projects including knowledge transfer partnerships.

“The School of Computing, Media and the Arts hosts a wide variety of exciting research themes, ranging from both theoretical and applied studies in computer science to applied research in creative sectors such as immersive technologies, computer games, animation, media and the arts.”
Professor Shengchao Qin
Associate Dean, Research & Innovation