Link to A Privacy Preferences Tool for Patients. A Privacy Preferences Tool for Patients

The aim of the research is to build and evaluate a prototype privacy tool and user interface for eliciting people's preferences/consent to provide access to their health and social care records.

Link to Quick fitting of prosthetic sockets for above knee amputees - (QuickFit). Quick fitting of prosthetic sockets for above knee amputees - (QuickFit)

The conventional design and manufacturing process for a prosthetic socket requires a patient to visit a clinic multiple times over one or more weeks. This project aims to change the subjective approach into a science-based technique so that a good-fit socket can be designed and fabricated within one day.

Link to KTP with TeleWare. KTP with TeleWare

This KTP is focused on developing sentiment analysis and machine learning tools applied to data collected by TeleWare on how customers interact with businesses (traditional call centres, social media, web chats or other channels) .

In silico genome-wide modelling and metabolic engineering of Pseudomonas strains for improved rhamnolipid synthesis

Rhamnolipids, bacterial biosurfactants, have several industrial applications including biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, and bioremediation of heavy metal contaminated environments.

Link to Incentives without monetary transfers . Incentives without monetary transfers

The major difficulty of algorithm design has always been identified with the understanding of the combinatorial structure underlying the optimisation problem at hand. However, this might be only one source of complexity for algorithm design. Indeed, the emergence of the Internet as the computing platform has enriched the picture by highlighting the presence of agents that selfishly evaluate the outcome of the computation.

Completed projects