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Katherine O'Connor

01642 384690
Job title:
Senior Lecturer in Computer Animation
School of Computing, Media & the Arts
Computing, Media & the Arts research

About Katherine O'Connor

Katherine O'Connor

Katherine O'Connor
Senior Lecturer in Computer Animation, School of Computing, Media & the Arts
T: 01642 384690
Research: Computing, Media & the Arts research

Katherine O’Connor originally studied a B.A. in Animation at the University of Humberside and Lincolnshire. Graduating in 1999, her independent short films have been screened all across the globe Katherine now teaches animation at Teesside University. Recently Katherine trained as a taxidermist and is now a member of the Taxidermist Guild.

The work explores primarily the themes of corporeal and incorporeal mortality, the body, the infinite with a focus on the“uncanny” . This general fascination with the traditions of taxidermy and its attempt to bring to life the dead through traditional mountings, “whether an apparently animate being is really alive or… whether a lifeless object might not be animate” (Jentsch, 1903), this combined with the idea that the moment of death is the separation of the soul from the being is the main focus of her work. 


The Big Draw; Panel member/presentation, Baltic, Newcastle 8th September 2016

#taximag; Acritical “Katherine O’Connor Q&A” #taximag, editor Kana Ingelson, 21st October 2014    

Footnotes; Preston Hall Museum and Gardens, Preston-on-Tees TS18 3RH. 17th September – 18th November 2013

Sir William Grey exhibition; Light Arises, 25th March – 26th May 2013

Tomorrows Yesterday; Preston Hall Museum and Gardens,Preston-on-Tees TS8 3RH. 28th September- 23rd November 2012

Duality; Python Gallery, Middlesbrough. May –July 2012

Newcastle Arts Society; City Base Newcastle NE1 1DE 8th April – June 7th 2011

ScMART Exhibition, Python Gallery Middlesbrough TS2 1BB. 5th February – 24th March 2011

Quiet Optimism With No Cunning Plan; Richard Ling Gallery, Gosforth NE3 1NE 17th July – 14th August 2012

ScMART Exhibition, Python Gallery Middlesbrough TS2 1BB. 1st February – 2nd March 2007

MAP at Phoenix Art Gallery, Middlesbrough TS1 25th July –23rd August 2007

MAP at Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt TS1. 21st May – 26th May 2007

Film Screening and Publications

November 2003 - March 2005 Kittie’s Denture’s
2D computer animation, 5min

Short character based hand drawn 2D computer animated film following a day in the life of Kittie, Buster and Sydney. Produced using Toon Boom Studio, Coral Pinter and Final Cut Pro.
Funded by The Digital City.
Written, directed and animated by 
Music and sound design by Mark Bradley 
Screenings to date
End of the Pier international Animation Festival (premier) May 2005, Digital City 2005 Launch May 2005, Pink Snow Ball Awards September 2005, Arts for Everyone September 2005.
Toon Boom Magazine May 2005
Discussion panel member for Arts for Everyone Week September 2005
Digital City Book November 2005
Scheduled screenings
Kino International Short Film Festival February 2006
Rolling Stock Film Festival (dates to be confirmed)
August 2003- November 2003 Chimera Middlesbrough
Live action and animation mix, 27min
Documentary about life in Middlesbrough using a variety of film techniques including live action and 2D and 3D animation. Produced with a small community based team in conjunction with Light Surgeons, Tyneside Cinema, AV fest and BBC2 North East
BBC 2 North East November 2003, AV fest November 2003 including DVD publication, The Empire Theatre Middlesbrough November 2003.
Directed by James Price, Light Surgeons 
September 2002- February 2003 Animex Stings
3x 10 secs experimental animation
Series of three short animation interstitials using a mixture of experimental pixilation and 2D computer animation techniques to publicise the Animex International Animation Festival
Screened at multiple venues across the Tees Valley including Middlesbrough football club, Europa Cinema and other public venues
Directed and animate by .

June 1998- May 1999 A Silky Tail
2D cell animation, 5min 16mm
Short character based animation about a lonely old woman and her obsession with cats, traditional 2D cell animation (graduation film).
University of Humberside and Lincolnshire Graduation screening June 1999, Yorkshire television September 1999, Trick Film International Animation Festival 2000, Transmedial Millennium Festival 2000, JVC International Film Festival 2000, Hiroshima Animation Festival 2000.

Awarded the Deans Prize for Endeavour in Design 1999.
Written, directed and animated by Katherine O’Connor
Music by Reverend Jah 

In the news

  • Imagination in full flight
    Evening Gazette, 08/03/2012, p.19; Gazette Live (Web), 08/03/2012
    Katherine O'Connor and Emma Wolfindale have created an art exhibition which takes a look at their experiences living with bipolar disorder. Ms O'Connor is an animation and drawing lecturer at Teesside