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Simon Lynch

01642 343681
Job title:
Principal Lecturer (International)
School of Computing, Media & the Arts
Computing, Media & the Arts research

About Simon Lynch

Dr. Simon Lynch is a Principal Lecturer in the School of Computing. Simon has worked at the School for 25 years with breaks to work in Sri Lanka and in Botswana. Simon's interests include international development, artificial intelligence and complexity.

Simon's research investigates the activity of genetics, evolution, epidemiology and other naturally occurring systems that exhibit novel, emergent phenomena are not easily explained by traditional methods. His research addresses this through the production of animated, agent-based software models which visualise such emergent phenomena and the more general scientific principles which underpin their activity. This work currently reaches audiences through science centres, public engagement events and out-reach into schools and we are now seeking to extend the scope and the impact of this work.

Research interests

·  agent-based modelling and multiagent systems
·  the nature of representations
·  symbolic reasoning
·  emergent systems


2015; Symbolic Pattern Matching in Clojure; S.Lynch; 8th European Lisp Symposium, London.

2014; Reasoning about Complexity – Software Models as External Representations; S.Lynch, J.Ferguson; 25th Workshop of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group, Brighton.

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