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Eric Silverman

01642 34
Job title:
Research Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence/Interactive Systems
School of Computing, Media & the Arts
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Computing research

About Eric Silverman

Eric Silverman

Eric Silverman
Research Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence/Interactive Systems, School of Computing, Media & the Arts
T: 01642 34
Research: Computing research

I’m a Research Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Systems in the School of Computing, and a member of the Digital Futures Institute here at Teesside.  I received a BA with Honours in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University, and a PhD from the School of Computing at the University of Leeds.  After my PhD, I worked as a JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo, conducting research in computer simulation and robotics.  In my previous post I worked on the CLC Project, a multidisciplinary project which focused on the application of complexity science approaches to the social science domain.

Research interests

Broadly speaking, my research interests include:

  • Complexity Systems Simulation
  • Agent-Based Modelling
  • Artificial Life
  • Social Simulation
  • Population Change

Much of my current work focuses on the use of agent-based modelling in health and social care.  I am also working on agent-based models of population change, including migration.  I often work in collaboration with social scientists, health scientists, and demographers on interdisciplinary modelling projects. 



Silverman, E., Geard, N. and Wood, I.  Job Insecurity in Academic Research Employment: An Agent-Based Model.  Submitted to Alife XV: The 15th International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems.

Courgeau, D., Bijak, J., Franck, R., and Silverman, E. Model-Based Demography: Towards a Research Agenda.  In Agent-Based Modelling and Population Studies, Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis.  Springer, 2016.


Silverman, E., Hilton, J., Noble, J., Bijak, J. Semi–Artificial Models of Populations: Connecting Demography with Agent–Based Modelling. In Chen, S., Terano, T., Yamamoto, R., and Chung-Ching, T. (editors), Advances in Computational Science: The Fourth World Congress. Springer Japan, Tokyo. In Press.


Courgeau, D., Bijak, J., Franck, R., and Silverman, E. (2014).  Are the Four Baconian Idols still alive in demography?  Revue Quetelet, 2(2): 31-59.

Bijak, J., Courgeau, D., Silverman, E., and Franck, R.  Quantifying Paradigm Change in Demography.  Demographic Research, 30(32): 911 – 924.

Silverman, E., Bijak, J., Courgeau, D., and Franck, R. Advancing Social Simulation: Lessons from Demography. In Sayama, H., Rieffel, J., Risi, S., Doursat, R., and Lipson, H. (eds.), Artificial Life 14: Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.


Silverman, E., Bijak, J., Hilton, J., Cao, V., and Noble, J.  When Demography Met Social Simulation: A Tale of Two Modelling Approaches.  Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 16 (4) 9.

Bijak, J., Courgeau, D., Silverman, E., and Franck, R. (2013).  Quantifying Paradigm Change in Demography.  Accepted to Chaire Quetelet 2013.

Courgeau, D., Bijak, J., Franck, R., and Silverman, E. (2013).  Are the four Baconian idols still alive in demography?  Accepted to Chaire Quetelet 2013.

Bijak, J., Hilton, J., Silverman, E., Cao, V. (2013).  Reforging the Wedding Ring: Exploring a Semi-Artificial Population Model for the United Kingdom with Gaussian Process Emulators.  Demographic Research, 29(27), p. 729 – 766.

Silverman, E., Hilton, J., Noble, J., and Bijak, J. (2013).  Simulating the cost of social care in an ageing population.  In Rekdalsbakken, W., Bye, R.T., Zhang, H. (editors), Proceedings of the 27th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, p. 689 – 695.  Digitaldruck Pirrot, Dudweiler, Germany.

Bijak, J., Silverman, E.  Probability and Social Science. Methodological Relationships between the Two Approaches.  Population Studies, 67(1), 127-129.  (Preprint)


Silverman, E., Bijak, J., Noble, J., Cao, V., Hilton, J.  Semi-Artificial Models of Population: Connecting Demography with Agent-Based Modelling.  Accepted to the 4th World Congress on Social Simulation, Taipei, Taiwan, 4-7 September 2012.

Noble, J., Silverman, E., Bijak, J., Rossiter, S., Evandrou, M., Bullock, S., Vlachantoni, A., Falkingham, J. Linked lives: the utility of an agent-based approach to modelling partnership and household formation in the context of social care. In Laroque, C., Himmelspach, J., Pasupathy, R., Rose, O., and Uhrmacher, J.M. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2012 Winter Simulation Conference.

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