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Ladan Cockshut

01642 342602
Job title:
Senior Lecturer in Computer Games
School of Computing, Media & the Arts
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Computing research

About Ladan Cockshut

Ladan Cockshut

Ladan Cockshut
Senior Lecturer in Computer Games, School of Computing, Media & the Arts
T: 01642 342602
Research: Computing research

Dr Ladan Cockshut came to Teesside University in November 2015 to take up the post of Senior Lecturer in Computer Games in the Games, Art, and Design (GAD) section of the School of Computing. She currently teaches on Games Design, Research Methods in Games, Critical and Contextual Studies, and the History of Games modules. She currently leads the Contemporary Studies in Games module for final year games students. She also supervises final year projects for games design, art, and animation students. 

Ladan's research interests include games studies, theories of play and games, sociality in computer games, innovating games platforms for research use, gamification, the social impacts of digital technologies and participatory action research.

Before coming to Teesside, Ladan held an EPSRC-funded postdoctoral post in the School of Applied Social Science at Durham University, researching cybercrime and the public's confidence in its policing (March 2014-Nov 2015). She has previously provided research support for projects exploring informal economies, health and unemployment, and young peoples' perception of energy use.

Ladan completed her PhD in human geography in 2013, where she completed a three-year ethnography studying group formation, competition, and performance in an online computer game. Ladan would welcome contact from any prospective PhD student who has research interests which align with hers.

Research interests

  • Games studies
  • Theories of games and play
  • Computer games and representations of sociality
  • eSports and livestreaming in games
  • Adapting games platforms to support research
  • Gamification and participatory action research
  • Human interaction with digital technologies
  • Cybercrime and cybersecurity
  • Innovating research methods: digital ethnography, mixed methods, practice-based research
  • Intersections between health and gaming

Enterprise interests

  • The use of games in business or industry
  • Applying social science research methods in the games industry
  • Third sector engagement with games and sociality


Completed Work, Submitted and Awaiting Publication

‘Co-production of knowledge between gamers and scientists in citizen science games’, book chapter in ‘Maker Culture and Makerspaces’ (SAGE) (due out late 2016).

Introduction to Strategies for Creating, Sustaining, and Improving a Culture of Safety in Health Care, 2nd edition (Editor) (JCR) (October 2016).

Completed Work, Preparing for Submission

‘Ethnography in the computer game: Reflections on conducting qualitative research online in digital game worlds’, article submitted (Qualitative Inquiry) (2016).

‘Developing Community in the Online Digital Game Space’ article ready for submission (2016).

‘Interdisciplinary Explorations of Trust in the Context of Cybercrime’ (2017).

‘Computer Misuse Act 1990 and Communications Act 2003: Understanding the Public’s Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Policing Cybercrime, 1991-2014’ (2017)
Work Accepted and Under Preparation.

'Visual, audio and narrative analysis: overlapping different forms of data analysis when studying online computer games’ in Doing Qualitative Data Analysis (Ed. Matthew David, SASS, Durham) (SAGE) (Jan 2017).

Conference Session Convening and Chairing

‘Video Games as objects of academic study’, interdisciplinary workshop co-convenor and workshop chair, February 18, 2015, Durham University.

"Getting lost on the way to Farmville" Virtual, mobile and online spaces of interaction: Exploring the emerging geography and culture of new media technologies, September 2011, Royal Geographical Society Conference, session convener and chair
Conference and Seminar Paper Presentations.

‘Interdisciplinarity in Practice: Exploring effective approaches to interdisciplinarity in a large multi-site research project’ (lead author), accepted, September 2015 (Porto, Portugal, EuroCrim Conference).

‘Prosecuting Cybercriminals: Achieving Justice or Reassurance?’ (second author),accepted, September 2015 (Porto, Portugal, EuroCrim Conference).

‘Sociality in the persistent game environment’, inaugural Durham interdisciplinary research group event, ‘Video Games as objects of academic study’, February 18, 2015, Durham University.
“Navigating co-production of knowledge in the digitization and gamification of citizen science’, at the Royal Geographical Society conference, London, August 2014.

“The making of science through the computer game” at Covenant University, Nigeria (February 2014) and Royal Geographical Society conference, London (August 2014).

Web Sites and Writing for Media

 “The UK games industry is bigger than ever butit may not be sustainable”, October 15, 2014, The Conversation.

“Watching others play videogames is the new spectator sport”, August 29, 2014, The Conversation.

“Addictive online games make citizen science a hit”, August 18, 2014, The Conversation.

“Viewpoint: Why WoW's future is not black and white”. BBC Technology News. Published September 2012.

“Raiding Research Online: Exploring and mapping the MMO raiding culture”. October 2009. Ongoing blog of findings and research conducted in the online game raiding subculture.

 “The Raid Observer”. Launched January 2012.

In the news

  • NEWS: Narrating Life @ Tyneside Cinema
    NARC Magazine, 29/11/2016; Wherevent, 02/12/2016
    Dr Ladan Cockshut will be attending a symposium at Tyneside Cinema.