Key contacts

Research and Innovation Services

Research and Innovation Services (RIS) is the central support department for research at the University. All aspects of research administration, from the postgraduate research student admissions process through to examination, are handled by Research and Innovation Services in coordination with the Postgraduate Rsearch Assessment Board, and the academic schools.

Please see contact details below for Doctoral College staff:

For matters relating to academic standards, regulations, thesis submission, examination, ethics and integrity:
Dr Andrew Rawnsley, Research Governance & Training Manager
T: 01642 738046 | E:

For student support:
Dr Martin Leyland, Postgraduate Student Advisor
T: 01642 738033 | E:

For recruitment and admissions:
Lorraine Smeltzer, Research Administrator
T: 01642 384438 | E:

For current students (enrolment, monitoring and records)
Julie Wright, Research Administrator
T: 01642 342493 | E:

Postgraduate Research Assessment Board (PRAB)
This is the assessment board for research degrees and are ultimately responsible for ratifying the award of a degree and for approving all aspects of academic progress. Staff on the Committee are senior or highly experienced researchers from each School. You will receive formal communication from the Board via Research and Innovation Services about all aspects of your academic progress whilst you are studying for your degree.

School staff and student represenatives
Students are enrolled into academic schools and the postgraduate tutor in your School should be your first point of contact if you have any questions or issues and will be able to advise you on important aspects of your research degree programme.

School of Computing, Media & the Arts
Postgraduate Tutor: Dr Julie Porteous | T: 01642 342492 | E:
Student representative: Supreeta Vijayakumar | E:

School of Health & Social Care
Postgraduate Tutor: Dr Emma Giles | T: 01642 738412 | E:
Postgraduate Tutor: Dr Katy Weston | T: 01642 342988 | E:
Student representative: Kate Byrnes | E:

School of Science, Engineering & Design
Postgraduate Tutor: Dr Jianyong Zhang | T: 01642 342546 | E:
Student representative: Chawki Bisker | E:

School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law, including Teesside University Business School
Postgraduate Tutor: Dr Ewan Ingleby | T: 01642 738161 | E:
Student representative: Kate Haddow | E:

Students' Union

The Students' Union provides support and guidance in a variety of areas and ensures that students are connected with the appropriate support services.
Ryan Marshall, Education Officer
Contact the Students' Union

Library Staff

Subject specialist librarians provide support in each research area:

  • Jane Burke (Arts and Media) (Wed-Fri)
  • Val Sonley (Arts and Media) (Mon-Wed)
  • Carol Dell-Price (Business)
  • Sharon Woolley (Computing)
  • Iain Baird (Health and Social Care)
  • Claire Whittingham (Science and Engineering)
  • Fran Porritt (Social Sciences, Business and Law)

Contact Student & Library Services to find out more about help and support for research.
Contact Student & Library Services

Other key members of staff:

  • Professor Simon Hodgson, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)
  • Marie Andrew, Ombuds Officer
  • Dr Tim Thompson, Chair, University Research Ethics Committee
  • Dr Joao Ferreira, Chair, SoCMA Research Ethics Committee
  • Dr Alistair MacSween, Chair, SoHSC Research Ethics Committee
  • Dr Gillian Taylor, Chair, SSED Research Ethics Committee
  • Dr Katherine Swainston, Chair, SSSHL and TUBS Research Ethics Committee
  • Dr Geoff Archer, Knowledge Transfer and Commercialisation Manager

Abbreviations used at the University:

  • Research and Innovation Services - RIS
  • School of Computing, Media & the Arts - SoCMA
  • School of Health & Social Care - SoHSC
  • School of Science, Engineering & Design - SSED
  • School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law - SSSHL
  • Teesside University Business School - TUBS
  • Postgraduate Assessment Board - PRAB
  • University Research Ethics and Integrity Committee - UREIC
  • Department of Academic Enterprise - DAE