History research seminars

Seminars are at 4.30pm in Middlesbrough Tower - M5.02. All are welcome.


Autumn term:

29 October 2014 Lewis Young (Teesside University): ‘“A weapon in the struggle”: The British communist press and anti-fascism, 1928-49’

12 November 2014 Dr John Regan (University of Dundee): ‘The “singing flame” rekindled: The destruction of the Public Records Office (Dublin), 30 June 1922’

19 November 2014 Dr Kate Bradley (University of Kent): ‘Charities and civil society in a period of industrial change: The Medway towns, c.1960-2010’

3 December 2014 Dr Eamon Darcy (Maynooth University): ‘Popular politics in early modern Ireland’

Spring term:

21 January 2015 Dr Sasha Handley (University of Manchester): ‘Faithful slumber in early modern households’

4 February 2015 Dr Katherine Wilson (University of Chester): ‘Urban society, the Burgundian court and the consumer revolution’

4 March 2015 Dr Lucinda Matthews-Jones (Liverpool John Moores University): ‘A room of their own: Eating and dining in Toynbee Hall, 1883-1914'

Summer term:

29 April 2015 Dr Peter Wardley (University of the West of England): ‘Men and machines, masters and institutions: The organisation of the Middlesbrough iron industry before nationalisation’

Previous history research seminars

16 October 2013 - Dr Michael Brown (University of Roehampton): 'Cold steel, weak flesh: mechanism, masculinity and the anxieties of late-Victorian empire'

6 November 2013 - Dr Jonathan Spangler (Manchester Metropolitan University): 'From duchy to province to region: the evolving sense of regional identity in Lorraine. France's north-eastern frontier since 1698'

20 November 2013 - Dr Oleg Benesch (University of York): 'Samurai, knights and gentlemen in Modern Japan'

4 December 2013 - Dr Charlie McGuire (Teesside University): 'Constructing post-war Britain: building workers stories, 1950-1970'

Spring term:
29 January 2014 - Dr Roisin Higgins (Teesside University): 'Myth and memory: 1916 in Ireland'

26 February 2014 - Dr Selina Todd (St Hilda's, University of Oxford): 'Boom cities: the working class in the city in post-war Britain'

12 March 2014 - Dr Charlotte Wildman (University of Manchester): 'Gender and urban underworlds in interwar Britain'

Summer term:
30 April 2014 - Dr Guy Beiner (Marie Curie Fellow, University of Oxford) '"Remember Orr" and the dynamics of social forgetting in Ulster'

24 October - Professor Mats Grieff (TU International Visiting Fellow, Malmo University), 'The creation of a masculine cowboy myth: the commercialisation of Appalachian folk music during the 1920s and 1930s'

7 November - Dr Fred Milton (University of Newcastle / TU) '"Soulless loons and white faced shargars": The Ethics of Egg-collecting and the Nineteenth-Century Children's Periodical Press'

21 November - Dr Joel Busher (University of Huddersfield), 'Activist journeys through the English Defence League'

30 January - Dr Anna Groundwater (University of Edinburgh), 'Ben Jonson's hangover, Newcastle 1618: the entertainment of early modern travellers'

20 February - Dr Tom Webster (University of Edinburgh), 'A Devil of a job: locating truth in early modern demonic possessions'

13 March - Professor John Beckett (University of Nottingham), 'The English village'

10 April - Dr Laura Tabili (University of Arizona), Migration to and racial conflict in imperial Britain

22 May - Professor Keith Wrightson (University of Yale), '"Also present and hearing": the common people in the age of Elizabeth I'

19 October - David Wilkins (Law School and WISE Institute, University of Hull), 'Reparations for transatlantic slavery: global context, local relevance'

2 November - Vanessa Morrell (University of Huddersfield), '"Going home?" How contrasting images of miners at work and at leisure act as remedies for decline'

7 December - Dr Jay Kennedy (University of Manchester), 'The discovery of Plato's musical symbolism and intellectual history'

25 January - Dr Adrian Green (Durham University) 'For church and nation – the architectural patronage of John Cosin in Cambridge and Durham'

22 February - Dr Neil Armstrong (Teesside University) 'Clergy marriage and divorce in England c. 1960-1994'

7 March - Professor Panikos Panayi (De Montfort University) 'The history of South Asian food in Britain'

11 April - Ben Roberts (Teesside University) 'Coronation and jubilee in Darlington and Middlesbrough, 1902-1953: continuity and modernity'