Research governance

Teesside University is committed to maintaining high ethical standards of research integrity and conduct.

Research ethics

Teesside University subscribes to an ethic of personal responsibility by which individual researchers and, in the case of students, their supervisors, should have some degree of autonomy and take personal responsibility for their research. However, we also have a set of principles for the ethical conduct of research which must be adhered to by all researchers at the University.
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Research integrity and conduct

Teesside University has guidelines that address the institutional requirement for an agreed set of principles for the conduct of research and outline a formal system for investigating allegations of research misconduct. We also subscribe to national and international guidelines on research integrity.
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Training in research ethics and integrity

We offer extensive training opportunities for all staff and students in both ethics and integrity of research. The one-day programme 'research ethics in-depth' is offered three times a year and gives a broad introduction to research ethics and topics such as consent, risk, and confidentiality. We also offer workshops on aspects of conduct and integrity, and publication ethics.

University Research Ethics and Integrity Committee

The University Research Ethics and Integrity Committee meets four times a year. Chair: Professor Tim Thompson; Secretary: Dr Andrew Rawnsley. Each of our five academic schools has a School Research Ethics Committee.

Research Data Management Policy