About Health & Social Care research

The School of Health & Social Care aims to create an environment that promotes, supports and develops high quality research on health and social care topics. It aims to nurture interdisciplinary research across the University and in partnership with external groups and bodies. Dissemination of high quality outputs at local, national and international levels is key.

Our work is coordinated within two major strands:

Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences

The applied research and innovation work in rehabilitation and exercise sciences is led by Denis Martin (Professor in Rehabilitation) and focuses on the themes of disabling and painful conditions, the development and application of technology, and physical activity.
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Public Health

The applied research and innovation in public health is led by Vida Zohoori (Professor in Oral Public Health and Nutrition) and focuses on the translation and application of research evidence into practice and policy and is pursued, in part, through our collaboration in Fuse: the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, a UKCRC funded Public Health Centre of Excellence.
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What is distinctive about the research agenda?

How will SOHSC nurture inter-disciplinary research?

How do the research themes within SOHSC relate to one another?

How will SOHSC develop the research environment to encourage less experienced researchers and nurture quality research students?