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Team Alpha

The alcohol and public health team (Team Alpha) are based in the Institute of Health and Social Care at Teesside University. The team is led by Professor Dorothy Newbury-Birch. The team's research focuses on work around reducing alcohol related harm in society, particularly for young people and those in various stages of the criminal justice system. They also work in partnership with individuals and practitioners to get evidence into practice.

Team Alpha

The team has expertise in the following areas:

  • Alcohol related harm
  • Interventions for alcohol use disorders with young people
  • Interventions for alcohol use disorders in the criminal justice setting
  • Co-production public health evaluations with public health practitioners
  • Methodologies including: pilot feasibility studies; multi-centre randomised controlled trials; implementation studies; quantitative and qualitative methods; systematic reviewing.

On video: SIPS JR-HIGH young person animation on how to complete a survey
Members of TeamAlpha, together with the design company Arcus and the School of Computing at Teesside University, have designed an animation to be shown in schools participating in the SIPS JR-HIGH trial. This 1.5 minute long animation advises students and staff members on what the questionnaire component of the trial involves; with positive feedback from schools so far.
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At present the team are working on a number of studies. Professor Dorothy Newbury-Birch is involved in many research studies including being the Chief Investigator on the NIHR PHR funded multi-centre site randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of alcohol brief interventions in reducing risky drinking in the high school setting with 14-15 year olds: SIPS JR-HIGH. Dr Emma Giles is the Project Manager on the study and Dr Grant McGeechan leads the qualitative component of the work.

Dr Emma Giles is leading work on perceptions of alcohol by young people and Dr Grant McGeechan leads innovative work in collaboration with Durham County Council of co-production public health evaluations. This work is supported by Lisa Anderson and Natalie Connor. Dr Gillian Shorter is leading a study to identify a core outcome set for alcohol screening and brief intervention funded by Alcohol Research UK. Dr Kelly Stockdale is the Project Manager of the NIHR PHR study investigating Interventions to reduce substance use by children and young people in Youth Offending Teams: RISKIT-CJS. Jennifer Ferguson is a Graduate Tutor examining alcohol screening and brief intervention for women in the prison system. Robert Sayer is the Project Administrator for the team.

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