Research training and events

We host a number of seminars and training events to which all are welcome. Please check with the school administrator if you wish to attend in case of last minute venue or timetable changes and to allow us to ensure we have sufficient accommodation to cope with changing numbers.

Regular events

Research Seminar Series

Council for Allied Health Professionals Research Network (CAHPR) North East Hub

Knowledge exchange seminars

North East medical sociology study group

North East Obesity Forum (NEOF)

Physical activity group

Quarterly research meeting (QRM)

Sexual health research practice network
The sexual health research practice network, in collaboration with Public Health England, aims to promote collaboration between research and practice to increase the use of evidence in the planning, commissioning and delivery of sexual health services and interventions. Objectives are:

  • develop an interactive Sexual Health group to promote dialogue and debate between colleagues with an interest and experience in sexual health research and practice
  • highlight existing research evidence on sexual health and its implications for practice
  • disseminate new research and evaluation findings
  • share resources, links to existing datasets and examples of promising practice in sexual health
  • advertise research events of interest and relevance
  • strengthen collaboration between research and practice partners in the development of research ideas and proposals
  • encourage active dialogue to explore implications of research for practice
  • provide tailor made advice and support to public health commissioners in Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health and Wellbeing Boards
  • identify gaps in research evidence and funding opportunities to respond to these
  • learn from other research practice networks

The sexual health research practice network is supported by a steering group which includes representatives from Teesside University, Public Health England and North East sexual health leads. For further information please contact Dr Mandy Cheetham.

Research training opportunities

We host occasional training opportunities for researchers.

  • For information about training courses on research run by the Research and Innovation Services (RIS) please go to research training.
  • For information on other training opportunities that may be relevant contact the Department for Learning Development.
  • You may also find training opportunities listed below.

Seminars and workshops

Centre for Translational Research in Public Health: quarterly research meeting. For more details of the regular quarterly research meetings of FUSE - visit the FUSE website.

Special events

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