Exercise Science and Health Research Team

The Exercise Science and Health Team are based in the Health and Social Care Institute, and have collaborative links with members of the Social Futures Institute. All members of this research team are interested in the associations between physical activity and health outcomes, and how physical activity interventions should be implemented in various populations.

Members of this research team collaborate with clinicians in various hospitals throughout the North East of England. Recent projects have also involved children in local schools. Members of the team have expertise in the following areas:

Exercise Science and Health Research Team
  • High intensity intermittent exercise training (HIIT)
  • Research design and biostatistics
  • The epidemiology of physical activity and health
  • Allometry (body size influences) and human metabolism
  • Exercise for prehabilitation and rehabilitation
  • The human body clock, jet lag and exercise
  • Individual differences in the response to an exercise intervention
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea and physical activity
  • Measurement issues in exercise science
  • Occupational fitness assessment
  • Sports Performance
  • Paediatric exercise science

Members of the team are currently working on a number of projects. Alan Batterham is director of studies for PhD students, Phil Williamson and John Franklin, who are researching individual differences in exercise responses and physical activity in chronic fatigue syndrome, respectively.

Greg Atkinson is director of studies for the PhD students, Sophie Suri and Lorenzo Lolli, who are researching exercise and obstructive sleep apnoea and the influence of body size on human metabolism, respectively. Greg also co-supervises the PhD programmes of David Kelly and Robin Thorpe, who research player availability and fatigue measurements in an English Premiership Football Club. Alan and Greg, who are both Fellows of the Royal Statistical Society, also co-supervise Emma Mead whose PhD programme is on childhood obesity.

Matthew Weston is the director of studies for the following PhD programmes: preparation, performance, and recovery of elite US soccer referees (Matthew Hawkey); the evaluation and application of a novel double-concentric exercise training system (Christopher Hurst); training-dose response of sprint and repeated-sprint training in intermittent-sports players (Jonathan Taylor); and, Understanding the dose-response nature of team sport training and competition: implications for monitoring training load (Shaun McLaren).

Katy Weston co-supervises Christopher Hurst and Lorenzo Lolli. Katy also collaborates with colleagues at the Freeman Hospital to examine the effects of novel modes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on fitness outcomes in older adults. She is the Director of Studies for a new PhD programme on the feasibility and acceptability of HIIT.

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