Fuse (the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health)

Fuse (the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health) is the brand name of a partnership between public health researchers across the five universities in the North East, including Teesside. The focus of Fuse is about working with policy makers and practitioners, enabling research findings to be understood and applied to public health issues, for example, diet and exercise, and socio-economic inequalities.

Further information

Further information about Fuse:

Professor Janet Shucksmith, Director of Teesside’s Health and Social Care Research Institute (HSCI), was one of the founders of Fuse, and Institute researchers Alan Batterham, Professor in Exercise Science, and Dr Liane Azevedo, Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity/Exercise Sciences are also senior Centre members.

An element of work in Fuse is capacity building to develop the researchers of the future and under that umbrella the Institute has also supported a number of PhD students through their studies.

HSCI strengthened its commitment to Fuse and this collaborative style of working by appointing Rosemary Rushmer, Professor of Knowledge Exchange in Public Health, and the Institute is also now the location for the Fuse Knowledge Exchange hub, incorporating Dr Peter van der Graaf, Askfuse Manager and Mark Welford, Communications Officer. Askfuse is a responsive advice and evaluation facility. It will be used to build links with policy makers and practitioners and to encourage joint working from the start in order to produce evidence of relevance to real problems.

HSCI is also, through Fuse, a member of the NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) .

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Fuse was established as a national Public Health Research Centre of Excellence in 2008 with £5m funding from the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Economic and Social Research Council, Medical Research Council and National Institute for Health Research, under the auspices of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC). The Centre has been awarded funding of £4.46m for 2013-18 by the same funding panel.

Further information about Fuse can be found on the Fuse website or Fuse Blog . You can also follow Fuse on Twitter or Facebook .