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Terry Murphy

01642 384939
Job title:
Senior Lecturer in Social Work
School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law
Health & Social Care research

About Terry Murphy

Terry Murphy

Terry Murphy
Senior Lecturer in Social Work, School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law
T: 01642 384939
Research: Health & Social Care research

Originally from Liverpool Terry first studied philosophy at York University before working as an analyst based in the foreign and commonwealth office specialising in overseas development.

In his mid 20's he changed career to social work qualifying in Scotland before working as a social worker and practice researcher in Merseyside  researching effectiveness in Child Protection work for his PhD. while working as a child protection officer.

Subsequently Terry worked as a child protection manager in Northern Ireland during the troubles before moving to Teesside and working  in a joint post for Cleveland Social Services and the Teesside University before moving to the University full time in 1994.

Enterprise interests

At the University Terry has taught Social Work and research methods at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has undertaken a number of international consultancies developing social work and child protection for UNICEF's African region in Mauritius and for the Central Asian region in Uzbekistan as well as for Family Services in North America and in Australia.

He has regularly presented at international conferences. He  has been a staff governor and has been the Branch & Northern Chair of the academic union UCU  for a number of years.

In the news

  • Local authorities across the North East have overspent child social care budgets by £30m
    BBC Look North, North East & Cumbria, 08/08/2018, BBC Radio Tees, Gary Phillipson, 08/08/2018, BBC Radio Newcastle, Today's North East, 08/08/2018
    Experts say a new approach is needed to avoid putting children at risk. Dr Terry Murphy says a shortage of placements is adding to the cost of childcare in the region.

  • Child protection
    BBC Radio Tees, Neil and Amy, 01/06/2018
    Dr Terry Murphy discusses child protection and fostering with Neil Green and Amy Oakden.

  • Agency staff
    BBC Radio Newcastle, 14/12/2017
    Teesside University lecturer, Terry Murphy comments on the issue of agency staff in Social Work.

  • BBC Radio Tees
    BBC Radio Tees, 05/04/2017
    Dr Terry Murphy talks about the rush to privatise Childrens Services

  • BBC Radio Newcastle
    BBC Radio Newcastle, Today's North East, 31/03/2017
    Dr Terry Murphy discusses the Government's proposed plans to privatise Social Services.

  • Child Protection
    BBC Radio Newcastle 22.06.2016
    Terry Murphy talks about child protection issues.

  • More child neglect cases under review
    BBC (web), 18/01/2016; Sunderland Now (Web), 18/01/2016; BBC 1 North East, Sunday Politics North East & Cumbria, 17/10/2015
    Dr Terry Murphy, a child protection expert at Teesside University commented on the situation around the Sunderland child neglect cases.

  • Lecturer in Social Work talks about Government cuts
    BBC Tees, 29/10/2015
    Lecturer Terry Murphy discussed the government funding cuts.

  • Creeping privatisation leaves social work fighting for its soul
    The Conversion, 30/08/2014
    Terry Murphy, Senior Lecturer in Social Work talks about the future of Social Work

  • Creeping privatisation leaves social work fighting for its soul
    The Conversation, [online] 06/05/2014
    Terry Murphy, senior lecturer in social work at Teesside University, explores how social work has been affected by privatisation.

  • Teesside University academic
    BBC Tees, 16/12/2013
    Social work expert Professor Terry Murphy, of Teesside University, comments on a report examining the issue of young people being excluded from school for involvement in inappropriate behaviour.

  • Teesside University interview
    BBC Tees, 22/11/2013
    Terry Murphy, Teesside University social work lecturer, raises concerns about cuts which would leave authorities with too few social workers to supervise vulnerable children.

  • Gove's wrong choices over call for social work reform (Web), 13/11/2013
    When the Institute for Fiscal Studies calculates that austerity policies will push an extra 200,000 children below the poverty line, and when more than half a million people are forced to rely on food

  • Teesside University lecturer on neglected children
    BBC Radio Tees; John Foster, 18/04/2013, 13:31:29. Mike Parr, 18/04/2013, 09:01:34, 09:30:45, 11:01:26, Ali Brownlee, 18/04/2013, 08:15:40
    Interview with Dr Terry Murphy from Teesside University.